Last Regiment – Review
Follow Genre: Turn-based
Developer: Boomzap Entertainment, Boomzap Inc.
Publisher: Boomzap Entertainment, Boomzap Inc.
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Last Regiment – Review

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Games that combine various gameplay elements are mostly hard to pick up and master. In Last Regiment, however, the developers have done their best to make the experience as pleasant as possible. With a large campaign mode, forgiving tutorial and amazing presentation, you will enjoy moving through the large campaign in Last Regiment.


The game comes with a very elaborate campaign mode. You start with the prologue, this serves as the tutorial section for the gameplay. This has been done very nicely as you can make mistakes and learn from these, without having to restart over and over again. You play as the wounded goblin Warmaster Thistlebloom. She has fled the warzone when it became overrun by the infected, which are zombie-like goblins. Sadly, returning to the former lands isn’t as easy as expected, the former robotic defense system has kicked in and is thus blocking her entry to her comrades.

After completing this, you will have the first insight into the world of Kothia. Now you can explore the fantasy lands with six different characters, their races ranging from humans, goblins and elves. The storyline is amazing and at the beginning of each chapter, you’ll see a short cutscene that introduces the background of the character. This makes the story start in an interesting manner and flows well throughout the different missions that you play.


Last Regiment is a game where you can clearly see that the development team behind it treated it with care. The graphics are colorful, the animations are simple but nice and the game looks like a board game thanks to its layout. Because you look at the game from the top, you will be fed all the information right in front of you. It will take some time adjusting to the fact that you will have to move your map around to see other enemies further in the distance. The user interface is easy to use and everything is crystal-clear in view.


Along with the beautiful graphics, the game also has some great music playing in the background. Another rare thing is that each character is voiced, even the soldiers. When you select a troop in combat, they will say something or let out a grunt. Characters speak in their native language, so it’s quite hard to understand some of them. During the gameplay you will also have the right sound effects in place, making the whole experience even better.


Last Regiment is a turn-based strategy game that combines board and card game elements to make a unique experience. The game starts with a prologue, which serves as a proper tutorial that doesn’t punish you for early mistakes. You play this campaign as a goblin warlord who lost her clan and must rebuild her forces to safely escape the lands. Each mission completely explains the gameplay mechanics step by step and how to best plan your moves. After completing this prologue, you will be ready to tackle the large campaign.

In Last Regiment, you will have to complete objectives on a map. You move around in a board game fashion, limiting movement per turn and you can choose to either attack or defend. Your leader can capture buildings, which generate income. From that income, you can buy or upgrade troops. As to do so, you must have the right cards and enough money to play them. This is why this title feels like the combination of a card and board game.

Each round has eight stages, such as heal, buff, move, clash, etc. Some will be skipped if certain actions are not chosen. This makes the action stages way quicker, ensuring fluid gameplay. Planning ahead is essential as opponents can easily swarm you and can defeat troops rather quickly. By using buildings and skills to your advantage, some places will allow for extra attacking power while others will heal you when you set up your camp there.

Another fun feature about the card aspect is that you can upgrade cards and improve troops with permanent cards. You can convert farmer troops to warriors by placing the troop card on them and upgrade them with better weapons thanks to the permanent cards. These are only valid for the soldiers currently on the field, so new troops will also need the upgrade.

The game controls really well, everything is done by on-screen commands, so no keyboard inputs are required. Using the interface is really easy, but some buttons are a bit unclear in what they do. Especially if you have been out for a while, it will take a second to pick things back up. Another strange thing is that you can attack your own troops. This is something that happened rather a lot and takes some time getting used to.


Last Regiment is that game that will get you into the turn-based strategy genre. Its elaborate prologue that serves as the tutorial will teach you the ropes and with this gained knowledge you can tackle the long and interesting campaign mode. There is enough content to entertain you for hours on end, all presented with beautiful graphics and amazing sounds.

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Last Regiment – Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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