Later Daters Part 2 – Out Now!

Later Daters Part 2 – Out Now!

The second installment of the popular senior dating sim ‘Later Daters’ has been released today, on 19 October, 2020. The game is available on PC (via Steam), and on Nintendo Switch (via the eShop). Later Daters Part 2 is both available as a DLC expansion of Part 1 or as a combined Later Daters Part 1 & 2 Bundle. Both editions are on sale for 40% off in the week following launch. Later Daters has been developed and published by Bloom Digital Media.

Later Daters is a rom-com game praised for its charm, feel-good nature, inclusivity, and how it manages to deal with a wide breadth of topics including love, old age and death in a heartfelt and sincere manner. Later Daters: Part 1 was released in April 2020, and contains Chapter 1 – 3 of the story which continues in Part 2 with chapter 4 – 7. The ‘Later Daters: Part 1 & 2 Bundle’ contains chapter 1 – 7 as well as the free Cribbage mini-game, and allow players to customize their own look, name, romance history, gender, and even choose a pet companion who will accompany them on their amorous journey. The game’s story is about accepting life’s fragile nature and choosing to live boldly, regardless of the circumstances. And, most importantly, that it’s never too late for love.

For more information, visit the official website of Later Daters.

To celebrate the launch of Later Daters: Part 2, the most 80s love ballad ever – Superlove sung by Later Dater’s resident rockstar Jax Argo himself – can be viewed below.

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