Launch date announced for Bless Unleashed

Launch date announced for Bless Unleashed

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. has officially announced the release date of Bless Unleashed today. It will release exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox One X on March 12. It will also feature Xbox One X enhancements like 4K Ultra HD and HDR10 support.

Bless Unleashed lets you dive into a world of mystery as you take on compelling dungeons and bosses, explore open new zones, customize your character and upgrade your Blessings Skills, compete in lethal PvP combat, and much more.

As of today, Bless Unleashed will also have the Deluxe, Exalted, and Ultimate Founder’s Packs available for purchase. The Deluxe Founder’s pack includes a 7-day head start, the “Founder’s Pyreborn” title, the Ivory Unicorn mount, and 7-day Valor Perks. The Exalted pack includes all this plus a 10-day head start, the Ironclad Rhino Mount, the Gilded Enforcer Costume set, an additional character slot, 1,000 Lumena (virtual currency), and 30-day Valor Perks. The Ultimate Founder’s Pack adds even more to all this with a 15-day head start, the Inferno Stallion Mount, the Crimson Slayer Costume set, the Crimson Slayer Weapon Skin set, two additional character slots, 2,000 Lumena, and 90-day Valor Perks. You can check out these packs on the game’s official page by clicking here.

Check out the New Founder trailer below for some more visual information on all this.

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