Launch details announced for Inkulinati

Launch details announced for Inkulinati

Good morrow fair friends, I cometh with tidings of good fortune! The turn-based medieval strategy game Inkulinati is set to win over some hearts at the start of next year. So time to brush up on your Old English and invite a friend over because Covid is almost over and we can start enjoying life again.

The Inkulinati are a legendary group who battle each other on the pages of medieval manuscripts. Thanks to a magical substance named Living Ink these drawings will come to life and will battle on these pages. Some of the beasts are bishop cats that vanquish heretics with prayers, donkeys playing trumpets with their bottoms, deadly snails that eat units alive and much more. Players assume the role of master Inkulinati commanding these living illustrations. Each creature plays a strategic role to turn the tides in the tactical turn-based combat gameplay that allows for different gameplay styles. Turn the tide with legendary characters such as Hildegard and Dante, in a game that can be either enjoyed solo or in a local hot-seat mode for some old-school cool with a friend.

Inkulinati is planned to release for preview on January 31th, 2023, for PC & Mac via Steam Early Access, GOG Early Access and the Microsoft Store, on the Xbox One and Series X/S it will be available through Xbox Game Preview and on the Switch at full launch.

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