Launch trailer for Civilization VI revealed

Launch trailer for Civilization VI revealed

In three days, on 21 October, Civilization VI will be unleashed upon us. The pre-load is already available on Steam. The unlock schedules are also online and the regions are divided into three zones, see below. All pre-orders and pre-purchases of Civilization VI, the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition or the Civilization VI 25th Anniversary Edition will also receive easy access to the Aztec Civilization pack which includes Montezuma as a leader, the Eagle Warrior as a unique unit, Tlachtli as a unique building and the Huey Teocalli as a wonder. But without further ado, let’s check out the launch trailer below and check out when you can jump into the game.

Zone 1: Seattle (Thursday 9 am), China (Friday 00:00), Seoul (Friday 1 am), Sydney (Friday 3 am) and New-Zealand (Friday 5am).

Zone 2: Nuuk (Thursday 9 pm), London (Friday 00:00), Germany (Friday 1 am), Moscow (Friday 2 am).

Zone 3: Anchorage (Thursday 8 pm), Seattle (Thursday 9 pm), Chicago (Thursday 11 pm), New York (Friday 00:00) and Brazil (Friday 2 am).

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