League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury – Review
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Developers: YOOZOO Games, GTArcade
Publisher: YOOZOO Games, GTArcade
Platforms; PC
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League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury – Review

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MMORPGs have been around for a while now, connecting people all over the world in a virtual space where they have to complete quests together or decide to take up arms against each other. With League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury you dive into the world of the Gods, or what is left of it at least. Here, you will be guided by Angels to save the world. Throw in a variety of content and you are good to go, even if you don’t have that much time to play actively. Let’s dive into this surrealistic world where wings dominate the scenery.


What is clear from the start is that the narrative is linked to Gods and Angels, seeing that the first people you lay your eyes on are immortals with huge wings. Everything seems to go amiss after Zeus, king of the gods, learned about the Twilight of the Gods from a prophecy. This wasn’t the best news for the Gods and he wanted to use the power of Pandora’s Box to fight it. Of course, as you can expect, he became corrupted himself, plunging the whole world into impending doom. Names like Athena and other godly deities aren’t far off and you’re off for an adventure where you need to help the Gods and Angels to retake their beloved Heaven and bring peace back on Earth.

After the start, you have to go from quest giver to quest giver, defeating hordes of monsters or trying to find certain items. Truth be told, the game started while auto-battling, and the first 20 minutes it was hard to grasp all that was happening. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it, but the story will probably fade into the background rather fast, which is certainly sad.


This game might have a shortcut on your desktop, it’ll redirect you to their website to start the game in a separate window. Yes, this game is played in your browser. This also has its effect on the quality of the graphics. Of course, it’s not terrible but there could have been more potential if it would have been available as a separate game. When you’re looking at the game from the top-down overview (and zoomed out), it’s actually quite nice to look at. Zoom in on the visuals while in battle and you’ll notice some of the missing details rather fast. The opposite can be said about the artwork as this is just stunning, wishing the in-game graphics were similar.

Overall, the game has quite some different environments for you to discover and although the characters (mostly) stand out in the surroundings, it would have been nice if there were more differentiation possibilities between other players as now the most striking parts are the wings, which block out everything else around you.


If you’ve played (MMO)RPGs before, you know what to expect from the music and it isn’t any different in this title. More classical notes will reach your ears, which definitely fits with the whole God theme. The only difference here is that the tracks aren’t bound to certain areas but more to game modes. The ‘quest area’ has the same tune that pops up and loops all the time while entering a world boss lair it will change to something more energetic to get you ready for the upcoming battle. Although it might seem that you’ll get bored of the tracks soon, less is true, to be honest. As there is quite some variation inside the different tunes, it won’t get on your nerves fast.

The sound effects and voice acting, on the other hand, might get to you. It sometimes feels like some lines were recorded using a phone rather than with proper equipment, and some of the sound effects like blasts really are lacking in depth and feel unrealistic. It would have been nice if some more work went to this section of the game.


League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury is an MMORPG that resembles a mobile game, being played in the browser. In this title, you’re able to do so many different things that it would be possible to write a whole book. We’re just going to touch upon the major parts of the game to give you an idea of what you can expect.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose out of three classes: Mage, Archer, and Dragoon. Each class has its own specific skill set, so you can pick whatever you feel more comfortable with. Afterward, you’re thrown into the game with barely any introduction or tutorial, and seeing you’re auto-battling, it might take a while before you will actually understand what is going on.

The main aspect of the game is to complete quests but a lot of extra content is available for you to enjoy too. Every quest gives you a certain amount of experience and/or other goodies for you to use. In other games, you have to find everything yourself, but with the auto-battling, everything is done for you. Yes, even traveling or accepting new quests are done for you, meaning you can actually just let the game run on its own and reap the benefits after the deed is done. The only downside is that the story value decreases a lot, as mentioned above.

With the experience you gain, you will see the levels skyrocket and going to 100 in no time. After a while, this will slow down drastically, even to the point where you will have to do bonus missions to gain experience so you can continue the main storyline. There are a few options available to get that sweet experience, going from going into a special level where you have to fight your way through a bunch of monsters to 20 daily quests you can complete specifically for gaining exp. These also exist for bounty or other necessities, so do take advantage of this.

If you’re ready with the basic stuff, prepare yourself for an overload of options and extras. First of all; gear. You can obtain various sets of special gear for your character, giving your toon a spiffy look with brand new items. These can also be upgraded to increase the potential of the armor thanks to enhancement and refinement. If that wasn’t enough, you can also select an angel to help you in battle now and then. Even more, you can have a spirit by your side, wings that are ginormous, a mount that can take you anywhere you want, seals, artifacts, … which can all be upgraded to boost your character. The higher your BR stat, the better you will perform when facing off against other players in PVP.

Next to the questline and side missions, there are also world bosses, individual bosses, and a variety of other challenges for you to overcome. As you might notice, the game has a lot to offer but it’s just sad that there barely is any tutorial available in the game, or on their website, to give you at least an idea what you’re supposed to do and what all these different options are useful for. It certainly is chaotic at the start and even when playing it daily for the last few weeks, a lot is still a mystery. Yes, there are rules available on each page, but it doesn’t really mention the benefits and it generally feels lacking. One other important thing worth mentioning is that there are a lot of items needed to progress in the game, which you can grind yourself but you can also spend money to get coins and buy yourself through the game. The problem here is that A LOT of the available boosts require you to have coins. These buttons are on your screen all the time, making it tempting to spend some cash on the game. Just a heads up.


If you can handle some hectic gameplay and even more hectic battles, you might want to check this title. League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury packs a lot of content, which you might need to bite into when trying this game for the first time. Their website almost doesn’t provide any info about the mechanics of the game but seeing you can auto-battle your way through everything, you have time to investigate every aspect it has to offer. The graphics aren’t the best and the sound can even be seen below par, but the amount of content that is thrown your way does make up for it.

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Rating: 2.7/10 (17 votes cast)
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League of Angels - Heaven’s Fury - Review, 2.7 out of 10 based on 17 ratings

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