Learn about Volfs in the Amethyst trilogy

Learn about Volfs in the Amethyst trilogy

Pegasus Publishers has released the first two volumes of the Amethyst trilogy written by Sarah Elliot. Volf: Silver and Volf: Gold are the first two volumes of Sarah elliot’s teenage fantasy romance trilogy and handle about volfs, the product of mixing a vampire with a werewolf.

Volf Silver

In Volf: Silver, we meet Ekata Monet, the daughter of a power-hungry and malign vampirelady called Cresta Du Winter and the product of mixing a vampire with a wolf, a Volf, as she finds herself running for her life from the evil clutches of her feared and hated half-siblings, Siren and Mephistopheles. After nearly perishing in her attempts to flee those hunting her, Ekata finds herself in the care of a pack of werewolves with the maternal alpha female, Stefina, nursing her back to health. She falls head over heels in love with Fiero, the young handsome werewolf who knows that in Ekata he has found his true mate for life. As loved up as the young couple are, the evil, blood-thirsty vampires are still hot on their heels and won’t give up until they’ve achieved what they set out to do – kill Ekata and claim her mysterious inner powers for themselves.





Volf goldIn Volf: Gold we meet Dymas, who’s living with such a title that it has become a curse like no other. Trapped in the wretched claws of his insane mother, Cresta Du Winter, his life is nothing but a series of attempts to call forth his hidden inner powers through any means possible. Thankfully he has the support and love of his wayward spirit lover, Tyra, who is determined to bring him out of the darkness and into the light. But with the arrival of the Blood Moon, things take a deadly turn and for Dymas, the consequences could be catastrophic.






The author, Sarah Elliot is born in Newcastle and raised in Northumberland where she was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of ten. As a way of keeping up her skills, she started writing her own stories and never looked back since. She graduated from Swansea University in 2009 with a Masters degree in Creative and Media Writing, having had three plays performed by a theatrical group in Swansea. She currently works as an administrator in a care home in Newcastle and spends her free time socialising with friends, writing, and taking Petal, her Rottweiler, for long walks.

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