Legends of Chima – Laval’s Journey – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Third Person
Developer: TT Games
Publisher: WB Games
Platform: Playstation Vita, PSP and 3DS

Legends of Chima – Laval’s Journey – Review

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Chima 0Lego released a new theme on the market, Legends of Chima. There have been numbers of marketing campaigns to promote this new theme and now it’s the time of the video game. WB Games brings us Legens of Chima – Laval’s Journey.

The story takes place on Chima, an island where various animal tribes are living together. The Lions were the first tribe to discover the CHI, an energy found in the nature of the island. From that moment on, they have been the guardians of the CHI and they see that the CHI is distributed evenly among the tribes, to help keep the peace on the island. But after a battle with the Croc tribe, Laval son of the Lion king, learns of the plot of the Croc’s to gain the Triple CHI power and destroy Chima. Now Laval and his friends have to team up and go on a journey to save their island.

Chima 2

The game looks like every other lego game out there on the market. Graphically good, but not great. As I reviewed the Vita version I did a bit of research and it looks like this version looks a bit nicer than the 3DS version. The characters are designed very good and the world looks like a nice Lego world, but there are games out there with a lot of better graphics.

The music of the game is good but not that memorable. It’s missing that something extra, every game should have at least the one tune that keeps hanging around in your mind.
The voice acting on the other hand isn’t that good. Almost every voice in the game is high pitched and made my ears ring. Which is too bad, because with gentle voices it may have been so much more enjoyable to listen to the characters and follow the stories.

Chima 3

Like every other Lego game, there is a main map surrounded by other maps which belong to the other main tribes of the island. Within the maps you’ll find several level portals which you’ll need to complete to finish the story. In every levels there are secrets to be found, which is good for the hardcore gamers among us, or else the game would’ve been too easy as the game was made with children in mind. The levels consists out of solving puzzles and the fighting of enemies.

While playing you can collect CHI, which is scattered throughout all of Chima, or you can also find it at CHI pools. Gathering CHI will fill up you CHI meter and once full you can harness your CHI power and unleash some extra powerful moves to defeat your enemies.

The controls of the game aren’t that hard to learn. Keep in mind these are the Vita Controls.
You have the action button (square) to fight, pressing the button will draw your weapon and fight while holding the button will release a charged attack.
The jump button (x) let’s you jump (which is really obvious). The interaction button (circle) will let you interact with objects and characters. Then there are the analog sticks, the left one will let you control your character while the right one is used for camera movement.
The shoulder buttons are used for scrolling through the different playable characters, and yes you will use these buttons as you need the abilities from other character to be able to solve the puzzles. And last the back touch sceen can be used for two options. the first one is the same as the shoulder buttons and the second one is that it can be used for aim control. The back touch screen can be turned on or off in the option menu of the game.

Completing certain requirements throughout the game unlocks special codes which can be entered in the Chima Vault. Here you can spend points on concept art, videos and wallpapers. There is also the option of online Item Trading thoughout the Vita’s Near Service, on the 3DS it is by means of Street Pass.

Chima 1

Legends of Chima – Laval’s Journey isn’t that different from all the other Lego games, but the game really takes you with it on its adventure. It’s a really fun game, especially for children and probably also for most of the grown ups. It has a high replay value if you want to collect all the secrets and certainly if you want to collect all the trophies (only on Vita).

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Legends of Chima - Laval's Journey - Review, 5.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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