Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Review
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Developer: TT Games
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: DS, 3DS, 360, One, PS3, PS4, Vita, PC, Wii U

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Review

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It’s time to put your spandex outfits and masks on to sit yourself down in your sofa, to fight digital crime. Lego Marvel Super Heroes will present you all you favorite Marvel heroes as well as villains for you to control and kick some serious Lego butt.



Lego Marvel Super Heroes will tell you the story that will combine most of the characters from the Marvel universe, be it good or bad. The game will start off with a scene where the Silver Surfer, comes to earth, being the herald of doom and thus preparing the world for its demise.

Luckily the Silver Surfer has been stopped in his tracks by the villain Doctor Doom and thus the world remains safe for a short while. Of course Doctor Doom has his own evil scheme and for him to complete it, he’ll need the pieces of the Silver Surfer’s ‘surfboard’ to create his own doomsday device. The shards, named Magic Bricks, will be collected by the other villains we’ve come to known from series such as Spider Man, The Fantastic Four, the X-men and so on.

Luckily for the inhabitants of this bricked Earth, Nick Fury assembles his Avengers as well as other heroes from the Marvel universe.

The story is pretty much the common ‘hero saves the day’-kind of thing and for a game like this is works perfectly fine. You’ll be able to see the story through the eyes of a lot of different characters as well as enjoy loads of humoristic cutscenes that stay true to the original Lego games humor as well as giving and extra dimension to characters you’ve only seen in more serious renditions.

Of course, will the heroes alone be enough to stop the threat that’s on its way to earth?



Graphically the game is a typical Lego game, namely everything looks pretty much like you’d expect it to. The game does an effort to combine ‘real’ looking environments with loads of Lego attributes, characters and areas.

Each character has its own Lego version and pretty much all of them look great and were carefully designed to be the best of both worlds. Details were not overlooked and it’s hard to imagine that it could have been done much better.

Of course, for some it may have been more fun to see everything created out of Lego bricks instead of a mix of two genres. In the end, a full Lego game might be a fun concept for this game, but the designers did a great job combining the seriousness of the Marvel characters with the Lego universe.



Music wise Lego Marvel Super Heroes does not disappoint either. The soundtrack could match the original Marvel movies, but might sometimes miss some catchy tunes that could work great for a lighter title such as this. You’ll have music to match the ‘epic’ scenes the game throws at you but the humoristic essence might be overlooked from time to time, when it comes to the music.

Voice acting used to be something the Lego games did not have. Whilst this game deviates from the original formulae of no voice acting or using the actual lines from the movies, Lego Marvel Super Heroes offers great voice acting that could even be used for actual movies, with your favorite Marvel characters in it. Sadly, the voice acting sometimes takes away the feel of the original Lego games and thus making it a little less humoristic as we’ve seen in the earlier games. Of course this does not mean the game is not packed with humoristic sequences, that will make you giggle like a twelve year old schoolgirl.



Lego Marvel Super Heroes is your typical adventure, platforming game with a heap of options to keep you occupied for hours to come. The game will offer you a giant cast for you to play around with and loads of side quests outside of the main story.

The game is divided into levels, which can be accessed through the fairly large open world. When the story is not yet completed, the game will pretty much guide you to where you’re supposed to be and free roaming is not yet allowed. You’ll have to battle through around 15 chapters for you to be able to access the free roam mode. Which is a great attribution to the game for treasure hunters or those who simply want to mess around with their favorite heroes or villains.

Chapters themselves are fairly short but offer great replay value. Each level has loads of collectibles as well as ‘secrets’ for which you’ll need other characters to unlock, than the ones you’re assigned in the story mode. For some this may cause a bit of frustration when doing an effort to collect all the goodies during your first run but you’ll never miss out on anything you’ll sorely need to progress through the rest of the game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes would not be a true Lego game if you could not collect Lego bricks when completing levels. You’ll be able to collect Lego bricks by demolishing your environment and the more you collect, the better your score will be when completing the level. You’ll only lose bricks when your character dies but most of the time you’ll be able to make up for it and thus still go for that perfect score for each level.


During the levels you’ll also be presented with a decent amount of small, yet fairly simple puzzles for which you’ll need a specific character. For example, breaking large objects is a task for the Hulk, whilst climbing on walls is more something that Spider Man would fancy. The puzzles will be fairly the same in essence, but they’ll keep the game fun and entertaining. This also means that each characters plays a bit differently than the previous one, making it fun to try out a lot of different characters later on.

Of course, with a cast as big as the one this game throws at you, you’ll be experiencing a decent amount of boss battles, which are mostly a combination of a battle against a horde of enemies as well as solving puzzles and dodging attacks. Whilst most of them may be easy to figure out, you’ll surely enjoy to be able to battle each of the villains.

You’ll be able to unlock a decent amount of fun stuff after the main story is complete and thus you’ll be able to explore the Lego universe to your liking. Not only exploration is an option, the game also offers you the chance to customize characters and so on.

We all know this would not be a Marvel game if Stan Lee wouldn’t be in it. So guess who you’ll be seeing occasionally and maybe even more than seeing alone.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes tries to bring us the balance between good and evil and Lego and reality (Stan Lee and Lego Stan Lee too perhaps?) and succeeds in nearly every way. You’ll be able to experience a gigantic cast for you to try out, explore a world that offers you locations from Marvel adventures and just to vanquish the evil Lego villains or live long enough to become one. What else do we need more than Lego, Marvel and a Lego version of Stan Lee?

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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