LEGO Worlds: Classic Space Pack DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Simulation
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch
Tested on: Xbox One

LEGO Worlds: Classic Space Pack DLC – Review

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The LEGO games have been known for being linked to several different franchises, such as Batman, Lord of the Rings, the Marvel superheroes, and of course many more. Nonetheless, several months ago LEGO Worlds was released, which allowed creative minds to collect many different building blocks, and create their own original and fancy structures, somewhat reminiscent of a Minecraft setting, albeit with LEGO bricks. As expected, a game such as this could easily add a lot of extra content, based on popular building sets, but we never imagined a set of the eighties would pass the revue so soon. We dived back into the many dimensions of LEGO Worlds, to fiddle around with a building set many older gamers will remember, namely the Classic Space Pack.

LEGO Worlds Classic Space Pack

Truth be told, this DLC review will be rather short as the actual gameplay of LEGO Worlds has not been altered at all. Those who are still on the fence about LEGO Worlds, or aren’t sure what the game is actually about should first read our original review of the game, as not much has changed since it went live. The Classic Space Pack will simply include building bricks, vehicles and characters that are based on the eighties building blocks sets that were distributed by LEGO with a space theme. This somewhat dated look of how Space exploration looked in the eighties is a very amusing trip down memory lane for those who initially owned the original building sets, and we believe that this DLC is mostly directed towards said older audience.

While it’s amusing to bathe in a hefty amount of nostalgia, the developers dropped the ball when it came to giving this DLC a proper bang for its buck. While the added items, vehicles and characters are certainly amusing to expand your LEGO Worlds experience, the DLC comes without a small storyline and overall nothing more to do than the base game offers, namely solve a few requests, unlock the items you see, and assimilate them into your ever-growing database of building materials.

LEGO Worlds Classic Space Pack 1

Other issues haven’t been addressed either, as the game experiences a lot of ‘popping’ when items just pop into your line of sight when you move closer, thus making it feel like the game is in no way optimized.


The Classic Space Pack of LEGO Worlds will probably please older gamers when it comes to the additions of your library of building materials. Younger gamers will probably not know these building sets and might even feel the bricks look a bit dated (which is pretty much the point of this set) and might not feel the same connection to the unlockable items as those who received these LEGO sets as a kid. Nonetheless, for a low price you’ll get a fun addition to your LEGO Worlds experience, albeit in the form of a simple DLC, which just expands your library, without any extra story value whatsoever.

LEGO Worlds Classic Space Pack 2

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