Lethal RPG: War – Review
Follow Genre: indie RPG
Developer: EyeSpyda Games
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Lethal RPG: War – Review

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Good: Expansive map, lots of opportunities for EXP grinding
Bad: Slightly unoriginal story, battles don't always pan out how you think they are supposed to
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Amongst a sea of JRPGs, it’s easy for one to get lost. Despite the massive market for such games, EyeSpyda Games has created Lethal RPG: War. A title with a charming, expansive land and simple but fun combat, this is one that you can certainly while away hours upon.

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Lethal RPG: War throws us straight into the world of Lethal and his friends the moment you hit ‘start game’. Cue a chat with the King, and you find out that there are undead minions hanging around in the forest. Now where did they come from? Defeat them, and find out that that is only the start of your journey!

The story in Lethal RPG: War is quest-based, so there is no real overarching story. However, there are over 50 story quests to have a go at, so there is certainly no shortage of content. From collecting spores from mutated evil mushrooms to defeating ugly ogres, the game offers enough variation to keep you interested.

Despite the sheer amount of different quests, one cannot help but feel that Lethal’s adventure is one that has been told a fair amount of times, with a protagonist that doesn’t necessarily have the most captivating personality in the world. Having said this, the story is enough of a jolly jaunt to maintain your attention and still be entertaining.

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Lethal RPG: War’s art style is certainly rather cute. All in 2D cartoons that have a unique style, the game is good quality, although not exceedingly high standard. Considering its price however, the graphics are more than amiable enough with concern to characters.

Where this title is more impressive, is on its map system. With 13 areas to peruse, these are typical of a quest-based RPG game that uses the map for travel. However, each zone looks different and includes enterable instances that are really quite detailed. With the addition of the very many foes, it is clear that a lot of effort has gone into making sure that there is little repetition of content.

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The music in Lethal RPG: War is the kind of classic retro that you would expect from an RPG soundtrack. Not quite 8-bit tracks, but certainly the kind of almost cheesy 80s/90s style that you can imagine roaming a dungeon to. However, one issue perhaps is the lack of music variety. There are few themes across the game. There is a general battle theme, a main boss theme and a map theme, but these do not seem to vary. Instead, it might lead the player to getting a bit fed up with the music altogether and turning it off. This would be all well and good if there actually many sound effects, but Lethal RPG: War is disconcertingly quiet without the soundtrack. What currently exists however is atmospheric, and is definitely promising.

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Lethal RPG: War is an RPG title that is easy enough to master, and is casual enough for the player to leave alone and pick up whenever they please. Quests are picked up by going to an area with a red exclamation mark in a yellow bubble, and they often send you to nearby places to either collect quest items or confront a foe. The best thing about this title with regards to the story is that the gameplay is not dictated by it like other RPGs. For people who like grinding, Lethal RPG: War is certainly for you! You can grind EXP to your heart’s content and not even think twice about completing quests (although if you want to pick up new party members- of which there are 8- quests are the place to start).

One other feature that is good for grinding is the “Find Battle!” button that pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen whilst on the map. Instead of random encounters, you can force attacks to be able to orchestrate the kind of game you like to play. Scripted encounters are also available, but once you have defeated the enemy, they do not return for you to have a second go (unless set out by that particular quest).

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The map offers options to partake in other activities, such as mining for materials- which are used to upgrade your weapons and armour. This is essential when facing tougher enemies, and also adds a nice touch to the game as the player does not have to worry about inventory slots being taken up by hordes of unused but perhaps useful weaponry. There is also an arena to test your abilities in fighting harder versions of foes you have beaten before, meaning that there are plenty of areas to push yourself.

Once in battle, fighting is straightforward. With each character, all the player needs to do is click one of the abilities along the bottom of the screen. Once activated, you must click either 1, 2 or 3 to attack the corresponding foe. As there are 8 playable characters, there are many options for play style. You start off with a warrior type, a guardian of sorts and an archer, but there’s also the possibility of having mages and paladins to balance your team. You can also employ the use of potions and balms to remove debuffs such as poisoning or burning.

One mystery to us however is concerning the line of initiative. Your characters will often attack in reverse order to that in which you order the abilities, and sometimes the enemy will attack first- which can mean you lose the battle quicker than you thought you would. When this happens, you are sent back to the closest stronghold instead of a game over screen, and face a gold penalty. If you win the battle, however, your party’s health is restored and you can continue on without issue. This means strategy between battles is unneeded.

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Overall, Lethal RPG: War is thoroughly gratifying with reference to its battle system, although it can be a tad annoying at times when you are expecting your turn and get killed instead. The maps however are easily the best part of the game, with its detail and number of areas available. The weakest area perhaps is its story, but that is still pleasurable enough if you don’t mind elements of other RPGs being retold again.

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Lethal RPG: War - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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