Life is Feudal: MMO – Newbie Island revealed!

Life is Feudal: MMO – Newbie Island revealed!

Life is Feudal is a hardcore sandbox MMORPG, set in a realistic Medieval, fictional world: there are things like wonders in the world, but no fantasy races. In this game players can do whatever they like, and build whatever they want or adjust the landscape to fit their needs. There will be no auto-targeting, loot distribution or PvP protection, so be prepared for a fight when you enter this world! The MMO will feature rich and complex co-op systems and large scale battle mechanics to accommodate large player groupings, like large guilds and armies. Besides challenging game mechanics, Life is Feudal has some extensive history and mythology to keep the lore junkies satisfied!

The MMO is currently in closed beta, with a fourth closed beta test run coming soon! To show off the great work of the art team on the Life is Feudal MMO, the developers have just released a preview trailer of the beautiful starter-island of the game, where players can learn the basic game-play and will be slowly eased into the unforgiving world of Life is Feudal.

Life is Feudal: MMO is being developed by Bitbox Ltd, for PC, and shares a lot of mechanics with Life is Feudal: Your Own, a multiplayer RPG for relatively small groups of players, released in 2015. Basically, the MMO is a much larger version of Life is Feudal: Your Own, and with a considerably greater number of players, therefore: a much more interactive and living world. The developers have not yet set a release date for the MMO; it could be released either this or next year, depending om the findings of the beta tests.

Visit the Life is Feudal: MMO sub-page of the Life is Feudal official page for more information.

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