Lifeless Planet – Preview
Follow Genre: action-adventure
Developer: Stage 2 Studios
Publisher: Stage 2 Studios
Platform: PC, OS X

Lifeless Planet – Preview

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Lifeless planet is a much anticipated indie game made by a one man team. The game was presented on PAX Prime 2012 and E3 2012. It has won various awards and attended big events, where it got a big welcoming! Let’s see what all this buzz is about!


Everything written in this article is subjected to change as we had the opportunity to play only a small section from the alpha release, with that said, let’s get started!

You are an astronaut looking for alien life on distant planets. You find yourself low on oxygen in a landscape filled with sandy mountains and weird rock formations. The first objective is to find some oxygen, pretty straightforward. After a while you see a strange figure in the distance, it’s a woman named Aelita. The purpose of her isn’t really clear in the preview but rumor has it she is your wife who went dissapearing… The preview ends when you approach her and she jumps off a rock, so I’m very excited and curious to what happens next!


Graphics and terrain don’t look superb, but this is an indie game developed by 1 person so it’s more about content than graphics. The game itself has a standard launcher where you can set the quality from fast to fancy, control remapping and fullscreen/windowed.

The controls are pretty basic and the game is compatible and plays well with a wired Xbox 360 controller, which is always more enjoyable! Basic functions are moving around, jumping, walking… It doesn’t seem all that special, but there is one cool feature though! Your robotic arm built into your suit which is used to solve puzzles in the game.



Overall this is a very promising preview which has me hungering for more! It’s a very short preview which has about 30-45 minutes of gameplay but it’s still very enjoyable to play. It is currently announced to release for PC and Mac and other platforms should follow… Be sure to keep an eye on their website as this is a very strong up comer!

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