Lineage 2 makes a comeback

Lineage 2 makes a comeback

Fans of the classic Lineage 2 will be glad to hear that their beloved game is making a comeback. Because it is now launched on 4game a Russian platform that distributes games in Russia, Europe and Brazil. The developers promise it is just the way you loved it: PvP, raids and no extra grinding. This makes Lineage 2 Essence wink at the recently released WoW Classic.

Some key features include:

— Accelerated leveling and auto-hunting function;

— Independence from other players;

— No need to have multiple accounts for the comfortable play;

— 90 levels, 6 races & 34 classes;

— Massive sieges for the whole server;

— Daily Olympiad and Weekly Hero Status;

— Raid Bosses in an open world are designed for a party or clan as well as for solo players;

— Levels of some Raid Bosses have been increased.

This new release might draw in new players as well the return of the older ones. Does the coming of this title predict a future with more and more remakes, remasters and reworks? One can only dream.

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