Little Goody Two Shoes revealed

Little Goody Two Shoes revealed

Today, the Square Enix Collective has announced the new mysterious fairytale adventure, Little Goody Two Shoes which also has a dark twist. This horror RPG­­ is developed by AstralShift, an independent Portuguese team of developers that focuses on creating movie-like games with compelling storylines.

Little Goody Two Shoes is set in the mysterious Kieferberg Village with a story that revolves around Elise, an ambitious lady determined to get rich and escape her dull simple life. ‘Sustenance’, ‘Reputation & Suspicion’, and ‘Exploration & Narrative’ will help players to perform their daily tasks during the day and discover the secrets of the woods at night. You’ll be able to choose your own path through the creepy woods, crack puzzles and build up meaningful relations.

Be sure to follow AstralShift on Discord to learn more about Little Goody Two Shoes as more information on Elise and her adventures will follow soon!

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