Little King’s Story – Review
Follow Genre: Simulation/RPG
Developer: Cing/Town Factory (Wii), Konami (PS Vita), Marvelous, Inc. (PC)
Publisher: Rising Star Games (Wii), Xseed Games (Wii & PC), Konami (PS Vita)
Platform: Wii, PS Vita, PC
Tested on: PC

Little King’s Story – Review

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Good: Fun graphics, get to enjoy the story of Corobo
Bad: No real explanation on controls, might get dull after a while
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When we were little, we probably all dreamt of being a king or queen. Little King’s Story gives you an idea what would happen when a child would ascend on the throne. Released on the Wii in 2009, you can get back into this simulation/RPG on your computer. Let’s get ready to boss around some people.

Little King's Story


Our little friend Corobo always was a lonely boy, playing in his room. One time, he sees some rats in running around and starts to chase them and in the end, finds a shiny crown. When he places it on his head, everything changed. It seems that in the blink of an eye, he was crowned ruler of the kingdom of Alpoko.

With this new title comes a lot of responsibilities, where your three new assistants come in handy. Howser, Verde and Liam are all thrilled with their new leader, and are excited to help. One of your first tasks is to get some money in the treasure chest, as Alpoko has been rudderless for decades and is actually broke. When you think problems are over when you get some Bol, think again. Afterwards, you need to expand your territory and attract new inhabitants. This is just a tip of the iceberg you will need to overcome as a Little King.

Little King's Story


Considering that this game was once released on the Wii and now got a place on Steam, the quality of the graphics aren’t that bad. The intro and other cutscenes look like they’ve been downloaded, with a lot of disrupting visual noise here and there. The actual gameplay is a lot more outlined and detailed, and will give you instantly a happy feeling. You’ll be greeted by fresh, vivid colors and more cartoony like drawings. Little King Corobo certainly stands out, although his subordinates all have certain characteristics that make it more easy to determine their job.


The available music is quite cheery and will bring you in a good mood, although it is looped rather fast and might get on your nerves sooner or later. During certain situations, there is a different tune that will guide your little king which is a welcome alternation. The available sound effects give it an extra dimension and make it more interesting. It’s always fun to hear your subordinates groan and cheer when they’re working hard and finding treasure, or when your followers are enjoying a well-deserved bath.

Little King's Story

If you were hoping to get some understandable voice-overs, you’ll be disappointed. Forget real language, hello Animal Crossing or Sims brambling! This makes it fun, although it would have been nice to have gotten some actual lines rather than random sounds.


Little King’s Story is a simulation game, coated in RPG elements, where you’re bombarded as King and need to guide your people to a better place of living. To do so, you need to get funds and resources while building enough houses. You can go on adventures on your own, but you won’t be really be able to do something. For instance, before you can dig up gold you will need to bring farmers for instance while fending of enemies is done by some trustworthy soldiers.

Before your citizens are actually able to perform a job, they need to be trained in specialized facilities. Just sending someone in a specific building will train them. Watch out though, as certain jobs will require money. Afterwards, you can recruit your newly trained employee and take him or her on an adventure.

Little King's Story

As you might think, money is really important in this game. The first step is to gain lots of Bol, which is done by collecting treasures, harvesting crops or finding random items. When you return to your castle and sit down on the throne, you get an overview of everything that you’ve found and the gained funds. Afterwards, these can be used by Howser the Bull Knight to improve the town and build certain facilities which will lead to new possibilities. If you ever get in trouble or don’t remember certain mechanics, you can always check with Anything Minister Liam. Don’t judge him on his appearance, as his knowledge is quite big and will get you back on track in no time. Verde, on the other hand, keeps record of your progress and can give you some intel on how the population thinks about their young king.

Next to dough, expanding is also very important, especially when you want to get a thriving city. Getting new ground can be done by killing a special, stronger UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) from that specific area. Expect quite some battles to gain some new territory, and grab enough soldiers to mow them down. When the enemy is slain, your territory automatically expands, giving you new possibilities and building options.

Little King's Story

These are the biggest activities that can be done while playing the game. One other aspect is marriage, as both citizen as Corobo can find a suitable partner. During your adventures, you’ll save princesses from different kingdoms and areas, which are a possible match. In the end, it is your choice on whom to pick.

Although there are some actions you can perform, it might get boring after a while. Sure, you can expand your kingdom, but it might get routine and becoming dull after you’ve found your 50th hole or that same turnip. It would have been nice if there were some extras with this new release.


Little King’s Story was originally released on the Wii console, but has found its way to Steam. Play as Corobo, a little King that needs to save the kingdom of Alpoko while fighting his way through several UMA and gathering funds for the treasury. The graphics are cheery and fit the game totally, while the music is complementary though it might get on your nerves rather fast. If you like adventures full of treasure hunting, giving out orders and wooing princesses, you can check this game.

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Rating: 7.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Little King's Story - Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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