Lockdown jitters

If we have to be completely honest, many of us are sick of the current measurements taken around the world. While most of them are for our own good, or for the ones we love, we can’t help but feel frustrated, bored, wanting to see our friends and family again. All events are also canceled around the world, making it hard to look forward to a specific summer event you had your hopes set on. Now we’ll have to find our entertainment in movies, series, games and books, and perhaps some healthy exercising.

It’s no secret that we are currently missing a certain excitement in our lives. There is nothing filled with suspense anymore, outside of the competitive online games we are able to play. That being said, many gamers are currently playing games such as FIFA due to the lack of sporting events in the world. Many even miss the thrill of placing a few bets on sporting events. Luckily, there are online casino sites that allow all kinds of gambling, such as bobcasino.com. Sites like these specialize in adding some excitement to your life. As always we suggest playing such games in moderation, or at least by managing your finances properly, they can still alleviate some of the current boredom in the world.

There are of course other ways of relieving stress, such as playing games that fill your backlog or watching a specific Netflix series that has been on your list for quite some time. It’s of course always pleasant to research what games could suit your collection, or even to discover new games. We recently ran into a website that promoted games that are based on the original classics. We discovered a game such as Pokémon Snakewood, which alters the cute critters into ghoulish versions of themselves, or even Donkey Kong 5, which is all about saving a deity who makes sure all the plants in the world bloom. The shop has an impressive number of games to choose from, making it really worth looking into. While this shop mainly focusses on ROM hacks and other iterations of well-known titles, there is a huge crowd that collects retro games, be it to relive childhood memories, or simply because they look impressive on their homemade shelves. There are many shops to be found like these, but shops like Retrogameland specialize themselves with selling well-kept retro merchandise and games.

Other than that, we are also doing our best to cover as many new games as possible, be it heavy hitters such as the recent Gears Tactics, or smaller party games such as Moving Out. The games market is overflowing with interesting and fun titles that will certainly tickle your fancy. That being said, we also noticed an increase in shovelware on the Nintendo eShop. There are many games being published that seemingly missed a certain quality control before they were added to the shop. There are even many of these games that charge a high amount of money, while they barely function as a game. We advise doing proper research before buying such a game, especially when they lack a trailer in the shop.

We advise everyone to take care, keep their spirits up and be patient. There are still more than enough things to do to keep you and your family entertained. We know the outside world is calling us, to go to that fancy restaurant, or to the movies with friends, but for now, we’ll just have to remain in our sofas for a bit longer. Take care.

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