Lornsword Winter Chronicle released today

Lornsword Winter Chronicle released today

Today, former Creative Assembly developers at independent studio Tower Five have announced that their story-driven action-strategy game, Lornsword Winter Chronicle has rolled out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today.

This game combines real-time strategy gameplay with an engaging narrative and an action-based control system designed for gamepads. Lornsword Winter Chronicle tells the story of an age where dark magic of priests and shadow weavers clashes with classic bows and matchlock rifles in combat. You will take control of Corun, a Lornknight in the command of Tulza, a small town. The survival of this town depends on your leadership skills to build bases, gathering supplies and utilize mines for gold to fund your army.

This game also features a drop-in local co-op that allows you to bring along your friends to fight against the enemy forces. An ever demanding economy will keep you busy in gathering resources to feed and equip your forces as your base expands.

As of today, Lornsword Winter Chronicle is available for purchase on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As the game has been fully released on consoles, this game will also come out of Steam Early Access. A special release trailer has been created for this event and can be watched below.

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Lornsword Winter Chronicle released today, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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