Lost Reavers is coming to the Wii U

Lost Reavers is coming to the Wii U

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe today announced their newest free-to-play title called Lost Reavers, a 4-player action co-op game for the Nintendo Wii U. An open beta has also been made available which can be accessed in the Nintendo eShop.

Lost Reavers is an intense 4-player action co-op in which players have to find several hidden treasures in dungeons and bring them back to their base. Along the way players will be confronted with traps, enemies and boss fights.

Thanks to the variety of surroundings, from old ruins to medieval castles to modern cities, Lost Reavers offers endless hours of entertainment. Along the way players will have to find new weapons, upgrade their character and learn to evade the numerous traps. This can only succeed with the help of strong partners.

The open beta for Lost Reavers begins today and ends on the 28th of April, on this date the game itself will be available in the Nintendo eShop.

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