Lots of announcements made at BlizzConline

Lots of announcements made at BlizzConline

Blizzard has kicked of BlizzConline, a virtual version of their annual event BlizzCon. As always, Blizzard has made many exciting announcements for the public to go wild. This event can be watched for free at BlizzCon.com.

For those who love the Diablo game series, Blizzard has announced Diablo II: Resurrected, a faithful remaster of the classic action-RPG with its award-winning expansion Lord of Destruction. This game will be coming later this year to Windows PC and for the first time to consoles. If you’re interested, you can sign up for a chance to participate in the upcoming public testing here.

More info has been revealed on Diablo IV, as the Rogue has been unveiled in a cinematic trailer with some gameplay footage showing the new player class in action. Rogue players can trap their enemies and fight in a variety of ways to obliterate their enemies with poison, shadow magic and specialized attacks. The Rogue announcement trailer can be seen below this post.

For Hearthstone, the Year of the Griffon has started, bringing a new core set of cards to the game and a new format called the Classic Format that lets players craft their decks and compete using the original Hearthstone cards at launch. In the Year of the Griffon, a new expansion called Forged in the Barrens is inspired by the iconic World of Warcraft locale. This expansion is now available for prepurchase at playhearthstone.com.

For World of Warcraft, Blizzard has announced Chains of Domination, the first major content update for the Shadowlands expansion. A new charity pet program has also been announced that will give all modern WoW players two pets when donation goals are reached. Burning Crusade Classic, a recreation of the first World of Warcraft expansion will be coming later this year as well and it will be included in all players’ existing World of Warcraft subscriptions.

A, Part of the Celebration Collection available for PC via Battle.net, part of the Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection on consoles, or as a standalone game, the Blizzard Arcade Collection is a digital set of Blizzard’s original console hits. The trailer for the Blizzard Arcade Collection can be watched below this post.

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