Love to Learn? Expand Your Knowledge With These Games

Do you know which species of tiger is the largest? That’s what Planet Zoo is here to teach you.

As you prepare to slip into yet another game of Tetris or Fruit Slice on the commute home, why not mix things up a bit? You’ll leave the office with a smug sense of satisfaction knowing that this evening’s commute is going to be spent learning the basics of poker, building your own Zoo, or even studying a whole new language.

Of course, learning is mind-expanding, but it can be a little dry at times. However, these games prove that learning really can be great fun too.

Learn to Play Poker

If you’ve got a mind for numbers, then signing up to play on a mobile poker site could be a fun way of giving your brain a workout. There are plenty of sites that all vary when it comes to poker experience you can expect, but each one works, of course, around the same basic principles. Choose the website that appeals the most to you, come to grips with the rules, and then apply that knowledge to other websites or even in real life.

While some might argue that playing poker isn’t necessarily mind-expanding, they’d be wrong too. Playing games like this increases your mathematic ability, which will keep your brain functioning healthily. Not only this, but deeply strategic games can teach us problem-solving skills which can be applied to many different situations, not just at the poker table.

Learn Japanese with Hiragana Battle

If you want a focus-enhancing game, then you’d be wise to invest in this RPG game by Sleepy Duck. Learn Japanese to Survive! Hiragana Battle is a Kickstarter-backed project that helps you to learn the basics of the language. Hiragana is the basic writing system used in Japanese and is the foundation of almost every Japanese word.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll be exposed to a new set of characters each time. By the end of the game, you’ll have learned every single Hiragana character, and know how to read it, write it and pronounce it.

The levels are battle-based, so you’ll have to use some of that strategic thinking that you gained from your poker gaming to achieve the advantage. Overall this game is a relatively simple RPG that is brought to life by exciting character development and the intrigue of this ancient language.

Get to Know Your Animals with Planet Zoo

Most of us spent countless hours on Zoo Tycoon in our youth, so the announcement of Planet Zoo was undoubtedly an exciting one. Finally, the wait is over and the game is available for play. Games like these are a brilliant way for people of any age to educate themselves about the natural world. In this new game, players must create suitable habitats for their animals, learning about native flora and fauna along the way. Animals need to be fed appropriately, as well as amused with enrichment items before they’ll be comfortable enough to reproduce.

Learning in this simulation-based way is hugely successful at allowing us to retain information. You’ll surprise yourself when you can remember exactly where Oryx originates from, or the favorite vegetable of a Malayan Tapir. Even if it’s not the kind of knowledge that comes in handy often, it’s fun to be able to impress your friends with that kind of trivia.

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