Lovely Planet Arcade – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Shooter, Puzzle
Publisher: tinyBuild Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Tested on: PC

Lovely Planet Arcade – Review

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Good: Challenging, traditional jumping and shooting FPS, speedrunner, great spiritual successor
Bad: No level editor, no leaderboards, no narrative, sound design is repetitive
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Lovely Planet Arcade is a spiritual successor of Lovely Planet in such a way that it is similar but still different. The puzzle aspect is still visible but this time you’re equipped with a shotgun and enemies are placed strategically throughout the levels. The first person shooter aspect of the game is the arcade aspect of the game because it features the original mechanic concoction of jumping and shooting, and instant-deaths. It’s a perfect speed-runner with plenty of trial and errors.

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What the game does not offer is a storyline or objective other than completing the levels as fast as possible. This is fairly common for speed-runner puzzle games but it doesn’t change the fact that a small campaign-like mode would have been a welcomed addition to the mix. Scripting an intriguing narrative for such a campaign would be difficult but it is that creativity that seems to be lacking. Still, the lack of a storyline is not a game breaker in this case.


The visuals in Lovely Planet Arcade are flat neutral colors with shadow effects to create a 3D-effect and it simply works. It is not entirely cartoon-styled, although it could fit the category, but it’s not quite detailed as you would expect in a first person shooter speed-runner. In a way, this type of minimalism is utterly adorable – even for grown-ups – but it might seem a tad too childish for some.

Although it offers a minimalistic user interface during gameplay, it is not something that you’ll be staring at often. At the top right-hand side of the screen, you are shown the star-rating and required timing to complete the level as well as the amount of targets and coins within the level. The latter can come in handy if you are not sure if you have found all enemies and objects required to complete the level but it will also throw you off track for a great time. The menu interface itself is simple but it does offer rebinding of keys, a great feature for those using a different keyboard layout or for those that are simply not used to the shooter aspect.

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We wouldn’t say that the sound design is one of the least important features of the game but it does come in second. Certain sound effects are a necessity because it is part of the puzzle aspect, such as the cherry – or apple (this is purely personal opinions) – bomb that “launches” with a loud pop somewhere on the map. The location is not always clear but the warning is.

The ambiance sound is charming in a way but it is also extremely childish that it becomes annoying at the later stages of the game, especially since its quite repetitive and the game does require tons of replay. Luckily you have the ability to turn the music down without compromising the sound effects of the game that you’ll need to succeed.


Lovely Planet Arcade offers the original first person shooter experience in a way that it is a game of jumping and shooting while figuring out the best possible route to kill the enemies before dying. The paths are not always clear but that is what makes the speed-runner aspect of the game Dark Souls-like challenging. The game fully supports the controller but traditional keyboard and mouse felt like a much better arcade experience although the hit box is fairly large. The mechanic derived from the original first person shooters is strongly present. You cannot clip around corners nor can you move your head on the y-axis.

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With over a hundred levels divided into four worlds, there is enough to do. However, the levels are quite short but the further you progress the more difficult the levels become, increasing the replayability of the game due to its trial-and-error nature. Because the levels are so short, the instant-deaths and trial-and-error aspect of the game is fully acceptable and in no way frustratingly annoying. The fact that there are no tutorials or any kind of details about the new array of enemies you are facing is the major reason for said replays. At first glance the game only offers one mode but once you’ve completed all acts, two more modes are unlocked, offering an even greater replay value.

The mechanics are pretty straight forward – except for certain enemies. You play with a shotgun that has a great reloading time, in fact we find that the reloading time is well-timed with the enemy spawns, and you walk around the level searching for enemies and objects to kill. Most of them are lurking behind corners so your best bet is to aim there before anywhere else. Every few levels, different type of enemies spawn and the variation of weaponry is a nice change of scenery. For example, there are enemies with a shield that requires you to jump but there are also enemies that should not be killed. There are quite a few more variations such as these.

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Speed-running is a core mechanic of the game but it does not dominate since you can set the pace yourself, which will only hurt your star-rating but replaying the levels afterwards can make up for it. Two features that are lacking in the game is the level editor and leaderboards which is unthinkable in a speedrunner game.


Lovely Planet Arcade is a challenging and addictive speedrunner with a steady variation of enemies that will force you to replay certain levels more than once. Although both the visual and the audio design are childish, they do have a certain charm. The lack of a storyline may not be a game breaker but the lack of a level editor and leaderboards might be so if you are desperate to have these, you may need to think this through. The instant-deaths and trial-and-error aspect of the game are not disturbing, making it a perfect game for casual gamers that enjoy the traditional first person shooters.

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Lovely Planet Arcade - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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