Lucky numbers from popular TV series

Lucky numbers from popular TV series

Numbers are pretty much a part of our everyday life. They surround us in every little thing we do. Payments to get by, involve numbers, while having the hardware we use on daily basis work is also based on numbers. Games, which is our site’s forte, are also driven by numbers, where you have to repeat certain patterns several times, but also where you need to grind certain amounts of in-game currencies to get by. This is also true when you’re willing to have a go on online gambling sites. You’ll then be dependent on getting those lucky numbers in order to bring home the big money.

That last item; online casinos, have been popping up more and more as we speak. There are literally thousands of sites online, where you can spend your hard-earned money. This always involves certain risks, such as picking the proper site to make sure your money is safe and that you could actually gamble responsibly and safely. It’s not always that easy to get those lucky winning lottery numbers, as some games involve skill, others depend on luck, and there are also those that involve a bit of the two. Casino games have been around for ages, but it is only now that you can actually start enjoying them from the comfort of your home. It’s nice being able to wear a pair of slacks and not dress up while being at the top of your game.

As this article is about lucky numbers, there are many significant numbers when it comes to series and movies. Perhaps one that is very important for our site are the number of original Pokémon you could catch. The series started out with 151 different critters for you to find and catch, to become to ultimate Pokémon master. This number has been heavily expanded on over the years, and the newest trend actually shows us new versions of the original 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield. We can new see the original fiery Ponyta as an actual fairy-type Pokémon now. While it stays somewhat true to some of the characteristics of the source material, this is an original way to show how certain Pokémon thrive in different parts of the Pokémon universe. While there are now 896 Pokémon you can catch and train, we reckon the veterans of the series will still look back at that lucky number 151 when things were a lot simpler to catch them all.

Other series also use certain numbers to signify certain events or quirks from characters. When taking a look at the popular show, The Big Bang Theory, we get to meet a cast of very quirky characters. These leading characters were deemed geeks and nerds, and somewhat anti-social when it came to the outside world. One of the main characters, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, was probably the quirkiest of them all, suffering from heavy OCD, which made him commit to certain patterns and habits. Nonetheless, his brilliant mind also made certain connections to numbers, such as claiming that the number ‘73’ is the most perfect one of them all. This can be explored in depth why it is as such, but mainly because of its mathematical characteristics. It’s quite an original idea to see a show embed this in their writing, and also a very original way of showing that different people can be attached to very different things.

Last but not least, there are shows that use actual ‘lucky’ numbers, such as 7th Heaven, which is a show that revolved around a Protestant minister and his fairly large family. This was a very typical show, which showed us an actual seventh heaven is what you, yourself, make of it. This show was popular with young and old, and ran for a whopping 11 seasons, which was not that common in a pre-2000 TV era, save for typical stuff, like the Bold and the Beautiful, or actual cop shows. While this show did not tread new waters in terms of how everything was handled, it was a fairly typical American experience, where it was all about religion and family. The show handled topics such as relationships, sex, violence and even drugs at certain points. For many who don’t know the show, this is pretty much the program that put Jessica Biel on the Hollywood’s radar. While the committed to this show for a long time, we reckon many movie fans will know her from her other work, or the fact that she is married with Justin Timberlake. While the couple had some issues recently, they were at a certain point considered one of the star couples of Hollywood.

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