Mabinogi’s G25 Hypernova: Eclipse Update Arriving on December 17

Mabinogi’s G25 Hypernova: Eclipse Update Arriving on December 17

The first part of the latest update for Nexon’s MMORPG Mabinogi has been revealed today. The new update, Hypernova: Eclipse, will explore the 6th night of the Seven Nightmares and introduce two new NPCs on December 17. In addition, a new Hyper Bingo event will also be playable through January 14th with great rewards including reforging tools, new figure, 2nd title coupon, outfits, chairs, and more.

To prepare for the Mabinogi G25: Hypernova update, players can participate in a series of limited-time events already available. During the G25 Precursor Event, lasting until December 17, players can help Caravan Joe in Dunbarton Town Square to receive sweet rewards such as the Black Combo Card or Black Moon Stone Fragment to grow to obtain gems.

Through February 11, players will also receive many buffs and rewards including reforging tools and upgrade stones.  During the event new outfits, wings, enchant scroll, 2nd title coupons, and more will be available in the shops, purchasable with the winter coins earned through the event.

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