Mad Catz is back from the dead

Mad Catz is back from the dead

Nine months is a long time, ask any pregnant woman. The gestation period of a human being is how long Mad Catz was out of the game. What people thought to be a definite ending to the gaming peripheral designer was apparantly just a slight hiccup.

Under new management the company is back in full force with new ideas and new products for gamers to drool over.

R.A.T. is their new line of gaming mice, F.R.E.Q. will give you the audio support, being their line of headsets. S.T.R.I.K.E. is their line of tactile keyboards.

‘The new year, new me’ is something Mad Catz wants to make clear with their new trailer.

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First game ever was Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, ever since then, gaming has been something that I've gravitated to. Reading's fun but not as interactive. Always up for a bout of online multiplayer. If that multiplayer is co-op. So if you are up for a friendly co-op session, hit me up. Rahenik's the name to search on PSN.

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