Magic 7 #3 Het Beest is terug – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Fantasy, Action
Written by: Kid Toussaint
Illustrations: Rosa La Barbera, Giuseppe Quattrocchi
Coloring: Francesca Mengozzi, Giovanni Marcora
Publisher: Dupuis

Magic 7 #3 Het Beest is terug – Comic Book Review

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The first two issues of Magic 7 all revolved around the Young Leo coming to terms with his powers, but also about learning his destiny, as well as finding others who share his secret by having powers of their own. In the first issue, five of the seven destined children were already brought together, to have found the sixth in the second issue, who put everyone in a pickle due to his mind controlling powers. Nonetheless, the companionship still lacks the seventh magician, while the clock is ticking and the return of a legendary monster is close on the horizon.

Magic 7 #3 Het Beest is terug 1

Safe from the talk with his father, Leo is more concerned about who the seventh member of the group will be, and of course where to find him or her. It’s clear that he has his hopes up for yet another female candidate but only time will tell if his hunch is correct. From here on out, the group learns from Alice that one of the six will see the seventh member on ‘Wednesday’ thus they split up, each doing their own thing on said day, hoping to get in touch with the one that will make their group that special lucky seven.

Overall the story still follows the same pacing as the last issue, albeit in a slightly more predictable format, safe for who the last of the seven will actually become. Other than that, new plot points are opened now that Leo’s father has returned in his life, also knowing about the seven and the beast that will return, but for the most part, it’s all about training and finding the last member of the group. Things move fast enough to remain interesting from cover to cover.

Magic 7 #3 Het Beest is terug 2

The Ben 10 vibe remains rather intact, especially now that every character is harnessing their powers to become even better in controlling whatever they were destined to do. The illustrations are therefore very colorful, with openness to all ages and genders, making this a very accessible series for everyone who likes a good story about magic, superheroes or peculiar powers in general. The colors used are varied, albeit a bit on the bland side, adding a certain ‘age’ to the comic book, or perhaps this was to make things a tad more serious, given the tale that is starting the unwind.


We’re not sure if Magic #7 will become a long series, as everything is progressing rather quickly, but #3 Het Beest is terug pretty much delivers what we have come to expect of the series, namely progress, action and great illustrations. This issue might lack the surprises the first two issues had, but it builds further on the red thread that runs through this series, which is great, as it brings us closer to the moment of truth for the group of youngsters with extraordinary powers. Nonetheless, new questions arise, while others are solved.

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Rating: 7.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Magic 7 #3 Het Beest is terug - Comic Book Review, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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