Majestic Nights announced, an alternate-80’s RPG/Thriller

Majestic Nights announced, an alternate-80’s RPG/Thriller

With all major events that happen around the world, conspiracy theories arise. These, together with the iconic 80’s, form a great base for a game. At least, that’s what developer Epiphany Games thought. It’s currently working on an episodic RPG Thriller in which all conspiracy¬†theories are actually deemed true.


Epiphany Games is an Australian developer known from previous games such as Runic Rumble and Frozen Hearth. With a highly motivated team, they’re aiming high. Inspiration for the game’s setting came from its CEO Morgan Lean who was intrigued by the deep and dark world of espionage and everything involved with it. He said: “I don’t want to say I’m a conspiracy theorist¬†but during this development, I have become a conspiracy theorist.”.

Majestic Nights will be released in episodes playable both as a series and standalone. The series will feature a prologue which will be free to play with the following episodes being paid. Of course players will also be able to buy a season pass. Specific details about the gameplay are still scarse. The game will however put the player into the spotlight, right in the middle of all those crazy theories. Your job will be to find clues supporting them. Two characters will be playable: Cardholder who’s an intelligence operative and Cal the private investigator. You’ll have to use your wits together with stealth and even some blunt force to discover the truth.

Expect Majestic Nights near the end of Q4 on iOS, Android tablets, Mac and Windows PC.


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