Major update brings more content to POSTAL 4: No Regerts

Major update brings more content to POSTAL 4: No Regerts

POSTAL 4: No Regerts, the comedic first-person shooter by developer Running With Scissors, receives a major update in the form of an additional in-game day: “Tuesday”, which will add new weapons, locations, and side-splitting antics.

The Tuesday Update will expand the open-world format with new insane things to do like slinging Americans over the border to definitely-not-Mexico, playing in a drug-induced hallucination and changing into the Cat Dude, a feline scrapper who loves to literally piss on his enemies and more.

With this update, you can now use fast travel to go to new areas like Border Land and Ghost Town and experience a lot of new content in these new areas. With the addition of the new playable Cat Dude, you can reach new places only a cat dude can and much more.

Check out what’s new with this update in the special Tuesday Update Launch trailer and see what new things you can enjoy in POSTAL 4: No Regerts.

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