Make your own mobile games with OJOO

Make your own mobile games with OJOO

A lot of people dream of making their own apps and thanks to OJOO that dream might get a bit more realistic. With the platform that this company created, you can make your own mobile games and even marketing campaigns. Don’t worry about the code though, as this is all handled for you. To make this even better, you can now add augmented reality, arcade minigames and more.

“OJOO has the potential to disrupt the mobile gaming and marketing industries because from now on everyone and every organization can create their own mobile games and marketing campaigns for free or at a fraction of the cost of developing a regular mobile app. OJOO is fun and very easy to use.”

Peter Symons, Founder and CEO of OJOO

If you’re interested, you can download OJOO for free, just as their game ‘The Invasion’, on the App store or Google Play. That’s all you need to start creating your own mobile games and let your imagination run free. If you’re more into making it on a computer, you can go to their website, open the studio and start designing!

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