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We all know what you’re thinking when seeing this one appear on the site, but hear us out first. A lot of gamers tend to be overstimulated by the daily hustle and bustle of their lives, be it because they are constantly connected with other people, by playing competitive games, by binging a few extra episodes after a long day of work. Even at night, many find it hard to relax, when seeing that little notification light of your phone light up. We’ve been there, and often still experience this. We often see ads appear for sleep masks, with or without speakers, made with special fabrics, and so on. We took one of the most promoted masks, reached out to the company that distributes them, and were allowed to give it a spin. Thanks to we were able to try out the heavily promoted Manta Sleep Mask. Were we still drowsy after two weeks of using the mask, or did we notice no difference?



To somewhat state the obvious: It’s actually quite hard to review a product such as this. It has many items that may or may not suit your personal preferences, hence we will mainly discuss the design, the features, and of course the basic comfort. The Manta Sleep Mask is promoted as a sleep mask that puts zero pressure on your eyes while making sure all surrounding light sources cannot penetrate the eye cups. We can easily state that this is already quite true, as the eye cups are resting lightly on your eye sockets, rather than squashing your eyes. This is quite comfortable, and the overall thick strap actually doesn’t bother you at all. Thanks to the premium velcro strap you can adjust the size of the mask easily, and even the eye cups are attached to the headband with velcro, allowing you to customize your Manta Sleep Mask experience.

Overall, the mask stays in position quite well, even for those who move around during the night. It blacks out all light sources properly, but you’ll have to make sure that the eye cups are in the proper position, as otherwise a few slithers of light may permeate. We do have to mention that the eye cups may not rest perfectly in their places if you sleep on your side or your stomach. The brand also offers different solutions for this, but it’s not a big issue if you’re someone who doesn’t move too much during his/her sleep. The overall comfort quality is very high, and it was actually an intriguing experience sleeping with the mask on. Keep in mind, this mask will not solve medical conditions and cannot guarantee a good night’s sleep for everyone, but it can help you achieve that, and it can aid in creating a routine that helps you relax while blocking outside stimulants that make you feel more awake again. Dry eye sufferers may also have a bit of extra alleviation when using a mask such as this, as it doesn’t press down on your eyes, while creating a small protective barrier.



In terms of being too hot, it’s fairly manageable. It does get a bit warm at times, but it’s something you just need to get used to. All in all, it’s a fairly comfortable experience, but if you have long hair, you might need to adjust it a few times before you find that sweet spot. We do have to mention that we tried the mask once quickly before washing it the first time, and after washing it, and we did experience a small irritation when using it (in both situations). This may be a personal issue or a sensitivity to some of the materials used. This slight irritation also pertained after using it for a longer period of time. When someone else used it (after washing it of course), the issue did not occur. Keep this in mind if you know you may experience irritation due to certain fabrics or materials. Consult the company first, but they do have a moneyback guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


In short, the Manta Sleep Mask is a very pleasant item for those who have trouble sleeping, and prefer a fully blacked-out room. The mask is made with quality materials, is made to last, and is affordable. Sure, it will cost slightly more than budget-bin masks, but it will also present you with a different level of quality. Those who are not fully convinced yet can also browse the store to see variations that might better suit them.

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