Mario Golf: Super Rush – Review
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Developer: Camelot Software Planning
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Mario Golf: Super Rush – Review

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Outside of bopping innocent turtles on the head and stomping sentient mushrooms, Mario also likes to keep himself fit by participating in a variety of sports. We have seen the iconic plumber hit home runs, dominate the court while playing Tennis, and we have seen him partake in the Olympics, together with SEGA’s most notable characters from Sonic’s universe. His new venture into physical activity comes in the form of the latest iteration in the Mario Golf titles, Super Rush. We were eager to dive into the multiplayer madness that seemed to be this new game’s shtick, only to be left wanting more.


The Golf Adventure mode of the game has a quaint little story featuring your own Mii, who is trying to make it big in the world of golf. The game sets you up with encounters with notable characters from the Mario games, for you to then pummel into the ground with your superior golfing skills. While some of the banter is appealing and has a certain charm to it, the story feels like a placeholder for a proper tutorial option. The story mode is also the only way to level up your Mii, and make it a proper competitive character for local multiplayer or online play.


Super Rush‘s cast dons the iconic look from the modern Mario games, with every character model resembling the real deal as we have come to know and love them. From a graphical point of view, this new title looks quite spiffy and impressive enough to draw in a crowd. We do regret that some characters didn’t get special golf outfits assigned to them, while others did get a small makeover. We would have loved to see a few different outfits for the already snazzy-looking characters. The inclusion of Pauline was a nice twist, and one we can only commend.

The different areas are also nicely made, with a few pieces of clutter in the background, making them feel a bit more alive. We did notice very heavy frame drops during hectic moments in Speed Golf or Battle Golf. The latter can be annoying when playing online while competing for the best possible time. We also encountered a lot of invisible walls in the Golf Adventure mode’s world.


As always when it comes to Nintendo exclusive titles, the sound design is quite good. While this title may not have you humming the tunes for hours on end, what’s there is still quite okay. The sound effects are also perfectly in sync with other Mario sports games, and everything just sounds authentic. Sadly, there is just not that much noteworthy going on here.


Mario Golf: Super Rush is, as the name clearly states, a golf game with famous characters from the Mario games. The game will throw several different modes at you, ranging from playing classic golf matches, where everyone patiently awaits their turn, to the more hectic Speed Golf or Battle Golf modes. These two modes will have you frantically run around the course(s). Those looking for a proper single-player experience can also play the Golf Adventure mode, which is basically a short campaign mode with your Mii character in the lead. The latter is a nice addition to the game, but also feels a bit too basic at times.

The main mechanics of the game are quite clear. You pick the right club for the job (which basically gets recommended to you automatically) and you start adjusting small details, hoping they will affect your swing. You can, of course, alter the angle of your swing, as well as the power, and also even hold back when your power gauge shows that there may be deviations to the overall trajectory when using too much power. This creates a few finer intricacies for those looking for a simulation experience. Nonetheless, it’s mainly in the hectic multiplayer modes that the game truly shines.

In both Speed Golf and Battle Golf, you’ll be playing with three other players simultaneously. Speed Golf’s quirk is the fact that you’ll have to run towards your ball yourself, having the ability to stomp other players, making them lose precious time. Those who achieve their goal the quickest will get a small penalty the next round, to balance the odds in the favor of those less speedy or skilled. This means that they might be allowed to start taking swings a few seconds earlier. Battle Golf, however, is played in arena-like environments, where players need to strive to finish three holes the quickest. If a player scores, that hole will be closed off, and players will need to compete for another one. From the get-go, you can choose in what direction you’ll be swinging, perhaps aiming for the furthest ones first, hoping other players will not do the same. Both modes are very hectic and fast-paced, and with the added special abilities, things actually become interesting. Each character has its own special ability (when its gauge is filled), which may give you an edge over your fellow players. Some may cause players to lose accuracy, while others may simply blast away other players’ balls.

Sadly, even though we had a lot of fun with the two aforementioned party modes, we did find the entire experience to be somewhat repetitive. Outside of scoring a few outfits for your Mii character, the game lacks a proper goal. In the past, many of these games would have you unlock new characters by playing matches or progressing in the campaign, but now, all content is already available, except for the items for your Mii. Of course, the different holes also have to be unlocked by playing through the available ones first. The main drive here is probably for families to play with the motion controls, allowing you to have a few laughs. Sadly, the game then limits simultaneous local play to only two players, thus missing out on the four-player fun that usually makes these games worth your while.


Mario Golf: Super Rush is an entertaining experience that reaches its full potential when played with friends, or when played actively online. Sadly, the content gets a bit repetitive, and the game does miss a few items that motivate you to come back for more. We would have loved to see a bit more flair in the game’s execution, a local 4-player mode for Speed Golf and Battle Golf, and a heavily reduced asking price. If the game was only half of its current asking price, we’d instantly recommend it. As it stands now, we feel it is a bit overpriced for what you’re getting. Fans of the usual Mario sports game will still very much enjoy this one.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush - Review, 3.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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