Marsupilami #29 Kieldemoahl – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Written by: Colman
Illustrations: Batem
Coloring: Cerise
Publisher: Marsu Productions

Marsupilami #29 Kieldemoahl – Comic Book Review

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Anrdré Franquin is the creator of many comic book characters such as Guust Flater and Robbedoes, and also the marsupilami are figments of his. They live in the jungle and have a tail that can be up to eight meters long. Their favorite dish are piranhas, but despite this fearsome quality, they are actually very sweet animals that are always looking to tease each other. But this happy life of theirs is soon about to change.


The jungle looks nice and quiet. The marsupilami let off steam jumping from tree to tree with their long and flexible tails. But this happiness may not last much longer, as Khebcheenteevé, shaman of a local tribe, predicts bad things. He fears that something bad will happen soon, as the piranha devil Kieldemoahl will rise and ravage the jungle. In the meantime the marsupilami keep on living their carefree life, while little Hector and his aunt Dianne study them. The only thing that really worries them is who will win the heart of the marsupilami female, which actually causes them to argue quite a lot. What nobody knows in the jungle, being so far away from everything, is that, that night in the city, two men broke into the museum.  They want to make a statement, saying that all things in the museum actually belong to the Indians, and should be given back. Although their motive might be honorable, they do a lot of damage themselves too, as they knock over the marsupil demoahl, a statue that keeps the evil Kieldemoahl caught, thus unleashing the danger. Kieldemoahl looks like a stinky, green monster and is already on his way to the jungle. In the meantime Khebcheenteevé and the other members of his tribe try to get themselves, as well as Hector and aunt Diana to safety before Kieldemoahl strikes.

The story starts out very calm, showing the marsupilami in the beautiful jungle and Hector and his aunt Dianne going about their daily life. But once Kieldemoahl is unleashed, the story moves a bit quicker, although still at a pleasant pace. As not all characters are aware of what is going on, the story stays airy and fun. Something that also adds to that feeling is the fact that the names of the different members of the tribe are quite original. Also, jokes such as: ‘how do you know all of this?’ -‘the oracle of Wihkkipedia.’ add a funny note.

The marsupilami themselves get quite a lot of attention, even though they don’t really speak. Nonetheless, whole conversations are drawn, using only incomprehensible words and their facial expressions to make things clear and truth be told, Batem does so in a very enchanting way. As for the other characters, they almost look like caricatures, some with big noses, others with large chins or a stupid gaze in their eyes. This adds another layer of humor to his issue. Cerise uses bright colors, making the jungle look absolutely beautiful.


Marsupilami #29 Kieldemoahl might sound like an exciting and quite serious story, but in reality it is the humor that will strike you the most. The story itself is not very elaborate, but is implemented with lots of humoristic aspects, which even seem to be the main focus of the comic book. If you’re in for a laugh, this one might be worth checking out.

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Marsupilami #29 Kieldemoahl - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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