Massive RTS game Win That War! announced

Massive RTS game Win That War! announced

There are not enough real-time strategy games around to satiate our hunger. Luckily for us, Insane Unity has announced that they are developing an ambitious, large scale real-time strategy game for PC that is scheduled to release in 2017. Their ambitious project is dubbed as Win That War! and it is massive. Set in a procedurally generated retro sci-fi universe, the game will offer three distinct game modes: solo gameplay, multiplayer gameplay and MMO campaign modes.

The Kickstarter campaign for this insanely ambitious project has begun today and will run for four weeks. To complete the game’s development, they have set the bar to raise 40.000 Euros which translates to 45.600 US dollars. Compared to other games, this goal seems rather puny but they still have a long way to go but the CEO of Insane Unity is positive that his team will be able to deliver a compelling RTS game with the assistance of strategy fans.

Our goal for Win That War! is to create a rich and diverse tactical experience spanning a galaxy-wide competition for power, resources and wealth”, said Samuel Hangouët, CEO of Insane Unity.

Here’s what to expect from Win That War! when it does arrive:

  • An MMO real-time strategy game set in a procedurally generated universe.
  • Three corporate-based factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, which players can join—try to fight your way to the top echelon of the faction while also keeping the faction ahead of its two rivals in the power struggle for the galaxy.
  • Once a planet is generated, its surface is broken down into territories and different biomes are combined to create planets with multiple environment types and topologies, enabling new gameplay possibilities.
  • Each of the persistent territories can be played simultaneously by a certain number of players from each mega-corporation faction. Your goal is to make sure your side ends up dominating the whole planet!
  • Players will select a location to build their base—find a spot that’s easy to defend and then start building units and gathering resources.
  • Basic resources provide the materials for running factories and building units, but advanced technologies unlocked over time require precious consumables that are not widely available and may only be available through trades with friends and foes—creating an additional strategic layer.
  • Players will unlock new blueprints and uncover the game’s deep upgrade tree that includes over 60 planned unit and building upgrades to support different playstyles.
  • Base battles are a key part of gameplay, but Win That War! is also about cooperation as choosing a field of specialty that balances strengths and weaknesses is necessary for survival—cooperating with complementary players (even enemies!) can be as important as defeating other players.
  • An immersive internal communication system will track player progress, provide updates on friends and associates and allow players to discuss tactics with faction members in real time.
  • And hopefully much more…
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