Max, An Autistic Journey announced

Max, An Autistic Journey announced

GPAC has announced that it will be publishing Max, An Autistic Journey– a retro style top-down turn-based RPG that is filled with minigames, monsters and lots of heart. In the game, you play as Max, an imaginative ten year old who has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Each day is a challenge, from getting dressed to facing bullies, in a world that is familiar but still just that little bit alien.

Key features include:

  • Turn-based battle system with weapons and special abilities to confront monstrous manifestations of emotions and anxieties
  • Experience points are gained through imaginary toy battles, and confronting your fears and anxieties- use these to level up
  • Core retro RPG mechanics with minigames such as picture puzzles, race cars and making music
  • Full mouse and keyboard, and controller support

Currently on Steam Greenlight, the creator of Max, An Autistic JourneyStéphane Cantin (father of Max, whom the game is based upon), hopes to spread awareness and understanding of autism, whether you are on the spectrum or not. This title will be available for Windows for $5.99 for the US, €5,99 for the EU, and around £4.99 for the UK on Steam. If you want to support Max, An Autistic Journey, make sure to head to the Steam Greenlight page. Meanwhile, you can also check out the trailer below!

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