Mayan Death Robots – Preview
Follow Genre: Strategy, Action
Developer: Sileni Studios
Publisher: Sileni Studios
Platform: Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Mayan Death Robots – Preview

Good: very fun, original concept
Bad: robots need to be a bit more balanced
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Time for a preview from our own grounds! Mayan Death Robots is currently in development by a small Belgian studio called Sileni Studios. Battle along your tiny Mayans as you try to destroy the other Mayan tribe and its ruler, a death robot! The Mayans worship you as their gods but little do they know, the real gods are lurking beneath…

mayan death robots

The game takes place on ancient Mayan grounds. Each player plays as a Death Robot which is worshiped as a god by their own Mayans. The goal of the game is to destroy the other player his heart by using your unique combat skills. There are currently 5 playable robots, but there are plans for a lot more! As of now, you can play as Ah-Puch: god of death, Itzamna: god of  earth, Xbalanque: god of the moon, Chac: god of rain and lightning or Akna: goddess of birth. Each robot has its own unique attacks to deal with the situation. Ah-Puch has the typical rocket and grenade, Itzamna has a burrowing rocket and grenade which will plow through the earth and then explode, Xbalanque uses the push and pull forces, Chac uses lightning and Akna uses little robots as her attack.

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Currently the game is local co-op only, so you can look in the eyes of your friend as you destroy his/her heart and probably the friendship as well. The gameplay isn’t turn based like most games in it’s genre. Instead, both players take their turns at the same time. Each player can make 1 action each turn, you can attack with one of two weapons, jump to another spot, build something or use a special weapon.

Attacking is pretty straight forward but the jumping and building are pretty neat. Jumping up will cause little blocks to form underneath you, creating a small vertical wall that your opponent has to shoot through. Jumping towards a wall will cause the wall to break, allowing you to burrow yourself into the map a little bit. The maps aren’t really huge, so the game is quickly decided unless you use the build mode. In build mode, each player can rebuild the map using Tetris-shaped blocks. You start with 5 blocks and regenerate 1 block each turn, with a maximum of 5 blocks. The special weapon also comes into play after a while. After a number of turns a wheel of fortune appears on the screen, this decides which special weapon the players can use. This can range from triple grenades to cluster rockets, everything is possible!

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The general objective of the game is to destroy your opponent’s heart which is placed somewhere on the map, but that doesn’t stop you of having some fun with killing something else. Each player has some Mayans fighting for him, killing the opponent’s Mayans will give you Mayan praise, increasing your blast radius of your attacks depending on the number of Mayans you’ve killed. Be careful however, as the enemy Mayans will try to push you away if you get too close! You can also take out the enemy robot, which makes the enemy skip a turn before being able to spawn in again with a spaceship.

Mayan Death Robots currently features 8 playable maps and 4 game modes. The maps are completely unique and have different layouts and spawns of the player and his heart. Some maps even have real Mayan gods lurking below! There are currently 2 “real” gods in the game. A dragon which will fly through the map and destroy it in the process and a big monster which causes earthquakes, knocking your robots around and destroying the map. When these gods spawn, both robots must work together to kill them as their hearts will be invulnerable to damage. If not killed in time, there’s a chance that your heart will fall off the map, killing you in the process.

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The game modes are pretty simple, there’s a quick session where you can choose your own map, a short session which is first to 3 wins, medium session which is first to 5 wins and long session which is first to 7 wins. The short to long sessions feature random maps and allow you to upgrade your robot and Mayans between each game, resulting in tactical decisions or just raw power. The upgrades consist of giving your heart more health, jumping further, allowing your Mayans to do damage and more! Whichever player collected the most praise at the end of the match gets to pick his upgrade first.


Mayan Death Robots is definitely a game to look out for. It features fun, fast paced and action-packed 1 on 1 PvP on 8 different maps and 4 different game modes. It’s a very fun game to play with friends and there are currently a lot of things in development to make the game even more enjoyable!

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Rating: 9.4/10 (5 votes cast)
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Mayan Death Robots - Preview, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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