Mechanic Battle – Review
Follow Genre: Racing
Developer: Cat-astrophe Games
Publisher: MobilWay S.A.
Platform: Switch
Tested On: Switch

Mechanic Battle – Review

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Mechanics all have a passion for fixing broken stuff and some might even try to improve slow cars to make them faster. Once the project is working, it is only a rite of passage to test it out against fellow mechanics who share the same passion. With this in mind, it seems that the developers at Cat-astrophe Games have created a game for the Switch where you restore old clunkers and race for the first place. We decided to take Mechanic Battle for a spin and see if we could bring home the gold.


The story of Mechanic Battle is rather simple. You start as an amateur mechanic that’s about to buy their first car. Jade introduces you to the racing world and gives you all the information to get you going. Once you acquired your ride, it is time to fix it up and try your skills on the track. Your goal is to qualify for the championship and make it to the next league, so one day you can ascend into the legendary ranks. From the start, and in between championships, you will receive some information from Jade. She knows the organization and will give you some good tips from time to time and will comment on your progression through the ranks. This is about it for overall story value in Mechanic Battle.


Graphically the game actually looks pretty good. There is a certain quality standard to the various race locations and vehicles, and this shows us that the developers did put some work into it. The cars are all based on real-world vehicles with some small alterations to them, and modifying them is nicely shown during the races. Even though you view the game from a tilted top-down perspective (like older arcade racers), you can spot the various mods done to all the vehicles. Talking about the clear view, the user interface shows all the necessary information like time, speed, and a mini-map which you can check in the blink of an eye.


While the graphics are quite good, the sound feels a bit left behind. For starters, the game doesn’t have a good soundtrack. There is music playing, but this is more your generic elevator music than something inviting to drive fast. If the music isn’t putting you off, then the bad engine sounds will. The cars all sound like they are driven by your local learning drivers when they are allowed to borrow mom or dad’s car without supervision. A small tweak in engine sounds, so they actually sound like a mechanic worked on them (so a loud muffler), would have done wonders.


Mechanic Battle is a racing game where your goal is to be the most legendary racer of the bunch. It all starts with your first car and the work you’ll have to invest in it. You get to choose between one of four cars to be your vessel to success. Once you buy it, it is time to get rid of the rust and give it a nice color. You can drive around in a wreck but then you’ll earn less money, so it’s best to immediately invest in your car. When you are at it, why not add a nice spoiler, some rims, and a cool sticker. These items can give you extra bonuses like extra money or stopping power.

Once you are set, it is time to race, and in order to be let into the championship, you must qualify first. You do so by finishing in the top three in one of three types of races. There are normal races, elimination races, and time trials. In the beginning, races can be really hard and challenging, so it is advised to immediately invest in some power upgrades so you have more of a fighting chance against the veterans of the amateur league.

Upgrading your vehicle has a serious impact. You notice that each upgrade makes your car more track worthy, and in the end, you will be running circles around your opponents. This is the time that you will be challenging for the first championship. As you cannot upgrade your car between races, it is best to upgrade it to its fullest (or to what you can afford) before starting the challenge. You can always fine-tune the settings of your vehicle for that extra edge, but it feels like the standard options are nicely balanced as is.

The game has three different leagues to complete: amateur, pro, and legendary. You are able to take your amateur spec car into the pro league if you don’t feel like buying a fresh ride yet, but it will have difficulties keeping up in the long run.

Controlling the game is quite easy. There are only a few buttons to remember, and you’ll get used to the camera settings rather soon. With a fully stock car it can be really tricky to take a corner with speed, but once you put on some performance parts, this will become a breeze.


Mechanic Battle could be a real hidden gem in the rich library of Switch titles. The simple yet fun gameplay is a bit difficult at first, but once you soldier through and start building your car, you will have tons of fun. The game is great to look at, with all the colorful vehicles being tuned to their owner’s desire. Sadly the sounds and overall soundtrack are not that great, but a quick patch could do wonders. The overall story might be short, but there is plenty of content to enjoy for quite some time.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Mechanic Battle – Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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