Meet the Predator PCIe SSD, not just a solid-state drive

Meet the Predator PCIe SSD, not just a solid-state drive

The guys over at HyperX took CES 2015 as the opportunity to launch their new SSD. Not just an ordinary SATA SSD, but a PCIe one. That basically means that it’s a SSD which can plug into the slots on your motherboard in which also your graphics card is plugged in. Besides that fact that most motherboards only allow for 6 SATA connectors while often multiple PCIe slots stay unpopulated, PCIe SSD’s bring the added benefit of speed. Insane speed. That is because of the fact that the SATA 6GB/s was the bottleneck with normal SSD’s so by bypassing that and going through PCIe, the increase is remarkable. The newly announced SSD, the HyperX Predator PCIe, is offering up to 1400MB/s read and 1000MB/s write speeds. It’s the best looking one I’ve seen so far too with a slick black PCB. It comes in an M.2 form factor as well as an HHHL form factor making it compatible with both older systems and the new upcoming M.2 standard.

The HyperX will be available in 240gb and 480gb variants with a 960gb coming later this year.



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