Megapop Games announce Haxity’s PC launch on June 17

Megapop Games announce Haxity’s PC launch on June 17

Today May 22nd Megapop Games have announced a new launch date for their roguelite PVP deckbuilder Haxity, headed for Steam Early Access on June 17th.

“After another successful beta weekend, it’s clear to both us and the players that we have a fantastic PvP experience in store. We also recognise it’s important for us to deliver a good experience. For us to deliver the level of quality we feel our players deserve, we’ve decided to delay Haxity’s launch by a few weeks to allow us to add the final polish and improvements needed”

Haxity offers two game modes: Versus and Campaign. In Versus matches, players confront a matchmade opponent or friends on an intense one-on-one match. Players will select their fighter, their starter deck and draft different cards and tools between each battle. On the other hand, Haxity’s roguelite Campaign mode allows players to explore the possibilities of deckbuilding while diving into the world of Haxity.

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