Megaquarium – Review
Follow Genre: Strategy, simulator
Developer: Twice Circled
Publisher: Twice Circled
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Tested on: PC

Megaquarium – Review

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Who hasn’t had a fish as a pet when he or she was little? Right, almost everyone. But some people like to have a lot more than just one fish, they want to build their lives around running an aquarium and taking the best care for each species they could lay their hands on. This won’t be without troubles of course, because taking care of animals is always a full-time job, where care and time investment are keywords to remember. Twice Circled made us an aquarium tycoon were we can virtually enjoy our own MEGA AQUARIUM!


This is a tycoon game, so no story to be found here. Basically, you’ll start to run the aquarium from the very start. How did you get it? Honestly, nobody knows. How did you attract investors? Probably some weird and not so reliable site on the internet. But nonetheless, you better be grateful, your aquarium is finally ready to start.

The flow of the storyline is non-existent. You just receive your building and you can upgrade it to the biggest one you’ve ever seen.


When you start out with this game, you’ll notice at first glance that this is actually more a mobile game than a PC game, if we look at the graphics anyway. So we can’t say this game brings any new material or style to the table, which makes it look very bland and repetitive. The animals, materials and cages look good, but also here we can’t say anything more than just good. Anyhow, most people won’t mind the look of it because of the game genre.


The sound of the game is very dull. You hear the same song for hours on end, until it gets annoying. At first, it is enjoyable, but we advise the developers to put a little more effort in the background music. The noises you hear are rather limited. You can hear the sound of pennies ringing when you collect your money at the end of the day. And underneath the background music, you can hear the fish ‘blub’ and the buzzing of the machines. The most disappointing part is that we never hear visitors making noise, any noise or whatsoever.


Megaquarium is a strategy simulation game that doesn’t hesitate to throw you into the deep, here you learn to build up your aquarium from scratch and how to run it properly. The game is basically divided into a few steps you need to take into consideration.

First of all, if you want to display different species of fish you need somewhere they can live. You’ll need to build water tanks appropriate for housing the different species. You also need to attach a heater or filter to every water tank. If you don’t do this, your fish will most certainly die on you, so don’t neglect them and use those machines, okay? If you look at your water tanks there is still something missing; right, the decoration. When you progress in the game you’ll receive more and more options to decorate your water tanks. The starting supply is rather limited.

After you get yourself some aquariums for all the fish you want to showcase, you can start by looking into the fish you already have in your possession. At the beginning of the game you’ll have to make do with one species, which isn’t a whole lot. With little tasks you’ll receive more and more fish, so don’t worry, in no time you’ll have a dozen fish. When looking at the housing, you’ll soon find out that each fish has their own requirements and needs. Some need plants, rocks or even caves to survive. If you don’t give the fish what they want, they will die in a very short time. Also, you need to keep in mind that each fish has other needs, those can be found next to the fish when you purchase them. So you’ll also have to take into account how many of the same species need to be together or can’t be housed together, so don’t put a ‘bully’ with small fish, because there won’t be any small fish left by the end of the day. Also, they need a certain temperature and cleanness of the water. Otherwise they’ll end up dead.

You can also hire a crew that works in your aquarium. They supply your fish with the right type of food if you at least place the container with food somewhere in your aquarium and they fix the machinery when it’s broken. There is a possibility to expand your aquarium from the start, this costs you money so don’t spend all your dimes on it. From the very start, you’ll be able to receive visitors. With, wait for it, even more, needs than your precious fish. You need to accommodate your aquarium that they can rest and eat whenever they want or they become whiny and you don’t want that.

To actually progress in the game, you’ll have to tackle certain objectives in order to level up, earn money from investors or even relocate your aquarium. You can also earn points each day in three different areas, namely ecology, science and prestige. You mostly acquire them by the likes of your visitors, the species and decorations you have. Aside from those you also get paid and need to pay for everything you buy.


Megaquarium is a fun and relaxing game for people who like to build an aquarium from scratch. It has its flaws in terms of sound and graphics but nonetheless it’s a pretty enjoyable game. Also, we rather think of this as a mobile game than a PC game, this will become very clear from the moment you start off in this game. Twice Circled has much potential and we are eager to see what else they have in store for the gaming world in the next couple years.

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