Megaquarium – soon to be released!

Megaquarium – soon to be released!

Megaquarium is a new theme park managing game, but this time if features aquariums! We’ve seen so many rollercoasters, this game gives theme park management a refreshing new twist!

You can select colorful fish species, design your tanks, and set up your park and staff to entertain your visitors.

Every single aquarium is customizable, you select your fish, shellfish and corals, choose plants, rocks and decorations, and watch the animals thrive and grow even more alluring in their tanks. But you should be careful in your decisions: your gorgeous fish may end up as food for another one of your fish! But if your fish are doing well, you can even breed them to create even better species.

Megaquarium combines theme park management with animal breeding strategies. You have to learn about your animals to give then the best environments and watch then grow healthy and more beautiful.

Megaquarium is developed by Twice Circled, the developers of the game ‘Big Pharma’, and is announced to be released in the first quarter of 2017!

For more information, visit the Megaquarium official website!

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