Men of War II final beta weekend has begun

Men of War II final beta weekend has begun

Anyone that follows our website will have seen that there has been plenty of news about Men of War II. For those who want the opportunity to check out this new upcoming highly-anticipated real-time strategy game, this might be your last chance before launch. The last beta weekend will deploy today until August 14th, 7 PM CEST. Thanks to the never-ending efforts of Ukrainian Studio Best Way and publisher Fulqrum Publishing gamers will be able to hit the front lines once more until they have to wait for the release of Men of War II on September 20th, 2023.

This third and final open beta was created based on the feedback of many players who tried the game out in a previous test. The developer will use this feedback to polish and balance the game based on fresh player feedback from this beta. Just don’t spend too many hours grinding for progress as your saves won’t carry over to release.

In this open beta, the fans will have the opportunity to try the highly-requested Classic setup for matches. Making the experience feel like the previous Men of War games players can now just select their favorite nation and play as they want with everything available. For those who are looking for new challenges the developer also has you covered. A bunch of realism settings have been added such as limiting the visual cues and adjusting the weapons and health and a bunch more.

The content of this open beta includes:

  • 3x PvP Match Setup Mode
    • PvP (typical Men of War II experience using the battalion system)
    • Combined Arms (single customizable battalion for each nation)
    • Classic (all units from the player’s nation available in a match)
  • 4x Game Mode
    • Front Line
    • Assault Zones
    • Combat
    • Incursion – only available in PvP match setup (“Battalions”)
  • 1x PvE Mode
    • Line Defense
  • 8x Maps
    • Airfield
    • Bazerville
    • Borovaya River
    • Carpathians
    • The Coast
    • Farmland
    • Winter March
    • Suburb
  • 3x Single Player / Co-op Missions
    • Ambush
    • Battle of Coisson
    • Towards Freedom

Aside from the content, there are also a bunch of changes and fixes:

  • A new enhanced lighting engine with new skyboxes and better quality of existing content.
  • Bunkers, pillboxes and observation towers can now be built as defensive structures on all maps.
  • Additional match settings in the lobby: players can choose the weather and time of day for each battle.
  • Added medical transport for each nation and a Soviet self-propelled heavy howitzer SU-152.
  • New animations for various units and situations, such as artillery reloading and infantry dying in water.
  • New buildings added to maps, including a supply depot, infirmary, fuel station and cranes.
  • New models for artillery shells, grenades and bombs.
  • Various new sound effects.
  • Improved pathfinding for vehicles.
  • Balancing and refinement to single-player missions and multiplayer modes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes, general polish and small tweaks.
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