Mesmerizing exploratory adventure Vane is out now on Steam

Mesmerizing exploratory adventure Vane is out now on Steam

Tokyo-based independent studio Friend & Foe is proud to announce that after more than four years in development, its hallucinatory adventure Vane is out now on Steam, with an additional 10% launch discount. Additionally, the soundtrack is available on Steam and Bandcamp. Vane initially debuted this pas January on PlayStation 4, where it was praised for its awe-inspiring art direction themes of human evolution, and evocative synth soundtrack.

Set in a ruined desert, Vane is an exploratory journey, where players will transform bird and child form to unravel the land’s mysteries and create a path forward through this expansive landscape filled with ominous caves, mysterious machinery, and harrowing storms. As they roam this mythical wasteland, the world reacts to their passage, evolving and building into something altogether different.

The PC release of Vane includes all the updates added to the PS4 version, including more forgiving checkpointing, better performances, and numerous bug fixes. For more information, be sure to check out their official website, here.

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