METAL MAX Xeno – Coming to Europe and North America soon!

METAL MAX Xeno – Coming to Europe and North America soon!

This year is the 25th anniversary of the METAL MAX franchise and to celebrate this: METAL MAX Xeno is coming to Europe and North America. METAL MAX Xeno is an RPG that combines a tank/human battle system in an epic wasteland.

In Metal Max Xeno, humanity is on the brink of extinction and TOKIO has been reduced to rubble. This was caused by a mother computer called NOA who became sentient and caused havoc to humanity. Join Talis, a victim of NOA’s destruction, in his search for allies and resistance against the machines.

NOA’s machine forces will track you down everywhere so customize and upgrade your tank to reach your full potential in the fights. There are hundreds of parts to choose from, to create just that bit of extra firepower that you might need.

Other features of METAL MAX Xeno include:

  • Explore the barren desert
  • Paint your tanks
  • Salvage new tanks

METAL MAX Xeno will launch on the PS4 this fall in Europe and North America.

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