Miaou Moon – Review
Follow Genre: Action
Developers: Stephane Valverde, Leslie Valverde
Publisher: Agent Mega
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Miaou Moon – Review

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In another dimension, cats might be more evolved than us, surpassing us in our tasks. Miaou Moon certainly went down this road, as you’ll be playing as a cat who is on a dangerous mission, full with obstacles to overcome. Combine this with astral elements and you’re good to go. Are you ready to accompany our feline friend on a rather smelly trip?

Miaou moon


As the title might suggest, you’re a cat roaming the broad universe. Your brave travels weren’t unrewarding as you’ve collected a lot of yummy food and treats for your fellow cat-nauts. You’re so happy with your obtained treasure that you can’t seem to notice and dodge the incoming meteor. Your small airship is smashed to pieces and your hard-earned loot is spread across several planets. Of course you don’t want your treasure to be lost for all eternity so you set out for an expedition to rebuild your ship and get the goodies back.

Since this game is a sort of action platformer, there isn’t much more to know before starting a new adventure. You just need to get your missing goods back, preferably without dying too much in the meanwhile.

Miaou Moon


If you were looking for realistic looking graphics, you’ll be in for a cold shower as the game just screams cartoon-like images. Everything is bathed in a rather comical style, which fits the type of game and the story completely, although the scenery is quite empty at times. There are occasions where you’re falling for a while, without a clue on how high it is and what actually is going on. Also, it would have been nice if there were a tad more details here and there, just to make things more interesting and spicy.


The music that Miaou Moon provides will certainly get your adventurous spirit on a roll as the tunes are uplifting and inviting although there are quite some downsides. For starters, there aren’t that much tracks and they’re looped quite fast, inserting a deadly silence now and then. Since the music from the main menu can also be heard while playing the game, you’ll get annoyed or tired of it rather fast. It would’ve been better if there were at least a few more tracks to make everything more interesting or less repetitive.

Miaou Moon

At least the sound effects partly make up for the lacking tracks. The sounds our small cat makes are adorable, while the swiping sounds and hissing just makes it even more attractive. It would have been nice if this fun ambience was also available in the music instead of the same tracks.


Miaou Moon is an adventurous action game where you need to get your lost goodies back while venturing planets while also searching for batteries to fix your airship. This might seem an easy task but think again. You can move around this vast space by releasing odor-filled gasses or to be plainly said, our little kitty needs to fart. The left and right arrow key are used to release gas in that specific direction. This means that you need to think about where you want to go, as you can’t go down- or upwards. The battery packs that you’re looking for are scattered around, and you can find three per stage. Some of them are harder to find but you’ll need a certain quota before you can actually go to the next planet so you’ll just need to fart more and replay levels.

Miaou Moon

Of course, releasing gas means that you need to have something in your belly. This is where the lost treasure comes in the game. The fish cookies are the perfect food to fill your belly and each of the levels are full of it. Just touching them is enough to eat the yummy rewards. One of the tricky parts is that you can’t get too full, as you get more bloated the more you eat and will eventually explode. It is a good idea to get your belly nice and full, so you can fart all you want although this also means that you won’t get as far as when you’re skinnier. This is also an important aspect when venturing the level, as you might need to be thin to get to certain parts. For example, a small passage can be easily passed when you’re low on food but this also means you can’t fart that much anymore. At least you have gravity and other helpful environmental elements at your disposal.

Don’t think everything you encounter is friendly as there are evil monsters lurking around. These can be hurt by using your swiping and clawing skills (by pressing the down arrow key). Your amount of fullness also has an effect on the effectivity of your attack. If you’re a plump kitty, your claws are so sharp you inflict three damage, while the slim version will only have one damage point. At any rate, killing these foreign entities will give you some new food to munch on. Taking damage on the other hand will let you lose some of your hardly earned or found cookies, although you can recollect them for a certain amount of time. Losing everything or munching the last fish stick means game over, so watch out.

Miaou Moon

Each stage has some extras to collect, like health packs from not so healthy astronauts or wrenches to upgrade your kitty. It is a good idea to search for these items, although it means you can get yourself in trouble if you’re low on food.


If you want to go on an adventure in space with a farting kitty, you’ll certainly will like this game. The music might be repetitive, the sound effects on the other hand are just right and fit the setting and graphics the game provides. The available mechanics and encounters during levels certainly are quite challenging at times, especially when you want to find all the batteries and extras. Get in your astronaut suit, buckle up and lets accompany our brave kitty.

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Miaou Moon - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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