Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass trailer

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass trailer

The time is near! On the 3rd of October, the game “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor” will be released for PS4 en Xbox One. The version for Steam/PC will be available on the 30th of September and the PS3/Xbox 360 gamers will have to wait until the 18th of November. This game has quite some content on its own, but you get the chance to gain even more with the Season Pass. This pass will unlock several things:

  • New story missions like “Guardians of the Flaming Eye”
  • Lord of the Hunt: you can defeat several legendary monsters and gain new abilities and runes
  • The Bright Lord: you fight against the power of Sauron with the Elven King Celebrimbor
  • Test of Speed: kill your enemies as fast as you can
  • Test of Wisdom: gain strategic abilities by exploiting your efficiency and capability
  • Endless Challenge: monsters keep on spawning endlessly … KILL!

If you want to see this information in a movie, be my guest:

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