Minecraft Dungeons DLC out now

Minecraft Dungeons DLC out now

Today the newest DLC to Minecraft Dungeons, Creeping Winter, has gone live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This DLC is also available for free for owners of the Xbox Game Pass. With this DLC, a free update has also become available that adds new merchants to the game and the new Daily Trials will be made available.

Creeping Winter adds a new scenario where a strong winter storm takes over everything it touches and the only chance to escape the cold is to go on new missions and defeat some new merciless enemies along the way.

A new physical edition for Minecraft Dungeons, the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition is available in selected stores that include the Creeping Winter and the Jungle Awakens DLCs.

For more info on the Creeping winter, you can go to the official blog post on Minecraft.net by clicking here.

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