Mine’s Bigger Than Yours – Book Review
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Written by: Christopher Lombardo, Jeff Kirschner
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

Mine’s Bigger Than Yours – Book Review

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“Mine’s bigger than yours.” While it is not a phrase to start a conversation with, it is a superbly cheesy way to attract attention. That is also the purpose of the following book: attracting attention, being cheesy and somewhat surprisingly interesting and hilarious along the route. While not hilarious in its writing, but thanks to its diverse content of horrible action flicks that have flown under the radar for many, it is now neatly categorized in this book written by Christopher Lombardo and Jeff Kirschner.

Right off the bat, we can actually say that this isn’t going to be a very elaborate and lengthy review. The book presents us with probably 100 of the worst action movies of all time. While a few actual ‘bigger productions’ are also in the book, most of the mentioned titles are quite unknown and look quite cringe-worthy, which of course gave them their place in this list. Mine’s Bigger Than Yours divides the action flicks into pseudo-subgenres, by linking certain themes to them. These range from typical revenge stories and military expeditions to a short list of kick-ass women. This makes it quite fun to delve into a certain chapter at a time and perhaps work through that list of movies for tastefully wrong movie nights.

There are one or two pages dedicated to each title in the book, which fully explains what to expect from the highlighted movie. This small synopsis also comes with a few fun pictures to give you an idea of what to expect. These pictures are often nothing more than a simple screen capture, a movie poster or the cover of a VHS tape. The latter is often by a specific source, and this site link is also plastered on the picture in the book. This is actually quite regrettable and makes certain pages feel like a bad project done in Microsoft Paint. While the source is even implemented in the special thanks section, it’s a shame that Lombardo and Kirschner did not have access to the source material without a watermark printed on it. While this may be nitpicking, it tainted the otherwise picture-perfect experience we had while flipping through the pages.

This is actually one of those books that is just perfect to buy for movie enthusiasts looking for something ‘niche’. We reckon that this title will not be read in order, but that people first start picking out titles they find the most absurd, or interesting, to then finally delve into the other titles. That’s also perfectly fine, as each movie has its own short summary, within its respective chapter of the book. Outside of the small description of the movie, you’ll also get some fun facts, some opinions and some events that actually have to do with the film.


Mine’s Bigger Than Yours is a niche piece of work, but a very interesting and entertaining one to say the least. The book perfectly introduces and describes 100 very bizarre and over-the-top action flicks predominantly from the 70s and 80s. While this is a book for real movie-buffs, or those looking to spice up their movie nights, we were impressed with the work put into this so-called reference book. Even though the retail price may not be the cheapest, you’re paying for quality work.

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Rating: 9.8/10 (4 votes cast)
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Mine's Bigger Than Yours - Book Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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