MINImax Tinyverse – The Game is Out!

MINImax Tinyverse – The Game is Out!

MINImax Tinyverse is now available on Steam in Early Access. The games has launched on December 26th of 2018 and the community grows with every day. You can join as well since the game is free to play.

In January the game will bring some new updates featuring:

  • Improvements of matching system
  • Changes to Realm Lock
  • Korean language in the game
  • Quests to obtain more blue and red daily
  • New Miracles

MINImax Tinyverse invites all the active community members and streamers to become a Verified Partner Content Creator of MINImax. You can obtain access to many notable features in the game and inside the community as a Verified Partner.

  • Become featured in MINImax Streams on the official channels (Discord, Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Steam)
  • Obtain additional 5 ‘’Two Realms Unlock’’ Pack keys share 3 with your fanbase through giveaways or contests
  • Get your channel’s URl featured in the Recommended section of the Game Interface
  • MINImax Tinyverse Verified Partner T-shirt and an original exclusive Artwork signed by Chinchintar (Game Director), PorkSoda (Art Director) and DiabloTheFun (CEO)
  • Verified Mark/Badge in the game UI that will distinguish them from other players, and the role of Verified Partner in our official Discovered

If you want to join the Verified Partnership you can go to the following page.

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