Minions #2 Evil Panic – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Stéphane Lapuss'
Illustrations: Renaud Collin
Coloring: Renaud Collin
Publisher: Dupuis

Minions #2 Evil Panic – Comic Book Review

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The minions have gotten quite popular, quite fast. From just being side characters in ‘Despicable Me 1 & 2 they went to having their own film ‘The Minions’, as well as merchandise of all sorts. ‘Evil minions’ is one of these spin-off items, as it is a comic book based on the adventures of these enchanting little creatures.


Story wise there is not that much to tell about this comic book. It consists out of all separate, one page long gags. At the beginning and near the end, you will also get treated to  two page wide illustrations that are quite funny and where lots of things are happening at the same time. This adds a nice change of pace, as it breaks up the usual pattern of smaller, multiple paneled gags.

Despite the fact that the gags can all stand on their own, there is some kind of consistency. In the first gag, one minion sprays himself, by accident, with PX-41, which makes him mutate into a purple, hairy, hungry evil minion. From that moment on, every few gags there is one that involves one or a few of these hairy monsters, and the other minions try to find a way to change them back into their normal selves.

Stéphane Lapuss’ gags are often very simple, which sometimes makes them a bit predictable, but at the same time, they will make you laugh more than once. Somehow the stupidity of these little yellow creatures works very well on screen, as they have proven before, as well as in this comic book.

There is hardly any text to back up the gags, which causes the illustrations to speak for themselves. Renaud Collin provides quite modern looking illustrations, as he uses no black lines, but instead leaves the colors to define the lines. The colors are quite bright, but at the same time Collin played around with shadow, which adds more depth and definition.


Minions #2 Evil Panic is a series of gags revolving around purple, evil minions that need to be stopped before they do any more damage than they have already done. The gags speak for themselves, as there is not that much text included, but that is only to be expected of the minions. Nonetheless, this album will amuse you well enough, if you are a fan of their silliness, that is.

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Minions #2 Evil Panic - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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