Monkey Mofo – Review
Follow Genre: action, puzzle
Developer: Lucky Red Fish
Publisher: Lucky Red Fish
Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC, Mac

Monkey Mofo – Review

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Looking for a game to play on your mobile device which can keep you busy for short periods of times? Whether if you’re in a waiting room or taking the train to work, Monkey Mofo is your choice! Monkey Mofo combines old puzzling with current graphics and sound, which makes the game suitable for all generations!



The story or plot isn’t really displayed or shown any way in the game, but there is a short summary on the website.

Sky Rocket, the villain in the game, has stolen monkeys and is planning to clone them and turn them into drones so he can achieve galactic domination. You are a monkey and have escaped, now you are on a quest to free the other monkeys! It’s your task to bring them home safely!


The graphics are pretty much what you can expect from a mobile game, not too fancy but not too ugly either. It can run on most phones and it’s not super heavy on your performance.

The interface is pretty basic and you’ll find yourself at home very quickly. There is a help button, pause button and a zoom in/out button.

At first glance, most people would think the game looks “childish” because of the bright colors and cartoony display of characters. This isn’t disturbing at all though because it makes the game very appealing to a lot of generations. Kids will love it and the average old school gamer will recognize some bits of gameplay from the precious old puzzlers.



Music and sound effects are pretty simple. You can’t expect spectacular music from a puzzle game, so obviously it’s pretty calm music. Arrows you put down have a simple *plop* sound for example, when you run into a bandit you get an “ouch” sound etc. All very basic, which again, makes the game more appealing for all generations!


So the game is about rescuing your fellow monkeys, but how do you actually go about to do that? You place arrows! Yep, the game is a lot like Lemmings, you have a monkey running around without direction which will turn right whenever it reaches the last block in its path, your goal is to place arrows so that the monkey can collect all of the fruit and then reach the end flag.

You can place your arrows in 4 directions, up, down, left and right. You start out with a basic amount of arrows you can place at the same time at any given time, if you place too much, the first one you placed gets overwritten and so on. Each arrow also has a duration, after the duration, the arrow simply disappears.

This sounds pretty easy, and it is, only in the first few levels though! Soon you will have tons of enemies, multiple monkeys and loads of power ups to control. Each world features a new game mechanic, power up, enemy etc. The first enemies are pretty basic, the way they move is exactly the same as your monkey, when you hit the enemy, you lose a heart. When you lose all of your hearts, you have to “buy” a new monkey with coins you collect throughout the levels.

Some levels have “bonus” platforms which only open when you collect all of the stars in that world. The bonus platforms usually have upgrades which increase the time that your arrows are placed down, increase your amount of arrows etc.


Each world has a few levels and a boss level, and as said earlier, each world contains a new mechanic. This can vary from stopping blocks (stops any character for 5 seconds when stepped on), a speed-up, spinner blocks, bombs … There are over 200 levels so you will have to find out yourself what all these mechanics are!


Monkey Mofo is a fun game which will keep you busy throughout short periods of the day where you have nothing to do. It features a lot of levels and a lot of variety. It’s a perfect game for the casual gamer, older gamer or for the kids, it appeals to everybody! And it has cute monkeys, who doesn’t like monkeys!?

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